#CIPDCoach14 – Coaching is not a soft option

That first session was so inspiring – exactly why I started my own business to make coaching cultures a reality for more people and more businesses!! Brilliant!!

Now we’re hearing from Frank Dick of Coach 2 Coach about why coaching isn’t a soft option. He’s going to talk about moving GROW to GROWL by adding ‘Learning’ at the end. Hmmm will be interesting to see where this goes…. read more

#CIPDCoach14 – Integrating coaching into culture

First up Sean Kent and Michelle Gant about the changes they’ve made in Freebridge to bring coaching into their culture.

When they started out there was no customer focus, the most common answer to anything was ‘no’, there was a lot of process and fear drove people to stick to that rigidly. When Sean first joined they just needed to sort the basics for their tenants. read more


Today I’m tweeting and blogging from the CIPD’s Coaching Conference 2014. Last year’s event was a bit hit and miss so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s changed this year and to hearing about the great differences that I know coaching can make to business performance – but it’s not just business performance. This is about people in all their brilliant whole-ness, and their lives and, yes, their work – and that’s what creates the performance! read more

The times they are a-changing

dylan_timesYesterday I was at a conference hosted by the andpartnership about Leading for a Changing World in the great surroundings of The Art House in Islington – a unique and opulent setting (and they do great food too!) – just in case you’re looking for a venue with a difference!

The human side of change is the thing the andpartnership team specialise in, which would make Leading for a Changing World an obvious choice for a conference topic. And yet, it’s not just that. The team at ‘and’ think that change is changing! read more

Sticky Change

When we got home from holiday the other week I was making a coffee. Kettle on, cups out of the cupboard….something felt odd but I wasn’t sure what, so I just carried on. Then as I passed James his drink I realised I’d made it in the mug he doesn’t like. We’d had a laugh a few months before about getting old and set in our ways if we’d got to the stage of having favourite mugs! read more

Play Time

Last week as part of our holiday we visited some gorgeous gardens where we found perfectly shaped hedges, tree-shaded paths, fountains hidden amongst walls and creepers and spectacular views.

It was a hot – 40 degrees hot – day and the children were flagging. “It’s so hot mummy” “This is booooring” “I’m too tired to walk any more” came the cries. And not that surprisingly really. It was a grown up kind of place and it really was very hot! read more

Why I do what I do….

Yesterday my business cards arrived, today a fantastic testimonial to brighten my day. Making a difference like this is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing……

“Straight off the bat let me make an admission, I am or was a “coaching” sceptic.

I own and run a successful IT Solutions company and was firmly of the belief that coaching would be an expensive waste of my time. I am now, happy to have been proven wrong. read more

There is no such thing as Management

I was so pleased to see this post from David Goddin of Change Continuum.

My background in Boots, with a leadership approach founded in Steve Radcliffe’s ‘Future, Engage, Deliver’, taught me that leadership is everywhere. It’s not about title. It’s not about status. It’s about how everyone shows up every day. It’s about how everyone contributes for the same purpose. And it’s about how everyone takes responsibility for making things better. It’s also about everyone playing a role in supporting and developing others – it’s not just your manager / leader who should give you feedback on how you’re doing and the impact you’re having on those around you – for better or worse! read more

Ice Cold Coaching

I seem to be developing a blog-posting Disney theme…First the Lego movie http://wp.me/p45I4E-6t then the Lion King one http://wp.me/p45I4E-7T and now a bit about how coaching can help, thanks to the Frozen movie. It’s about the journey that I’ve experienced from being coached, as well as seeing clients have the same experience. And it can often start here…. read more