Has the need for a why fallen away?

Sometimes by now, the exploration of your essential nature is so obvious, and so compelling, that the idea of needing a ‘why’ in order to engage with a new coach or guide has disappeared.

You are simply drawn forward, by that invisible magnetic pull of your very own nature. Bringing you back to yourself.

However, if you do need a why that is OK, and there it is in those last lines above – to come back into full resonance and alignment with yourself. With your very own nature.

How could we not want that?

We all love the feeling of ‘being ourself’.

We all love the feeling of love, happiness, peace, contentment, inclusion, equality, wholeness, connection, joy, fulfilment.

This is all we’ve ever looked for in anything we’ve ever said, done or wanted in life.

Perhaps the question then is – why work with me?

Certainly only you can answer that. Whenever you engage with a coach or guide there must be a trust and resonance. A click. A comfort.

My clients tell me they feel both safe and loved when they are with me. That I am both practical and caring. I am both logical and intuitive.

These matter to me because I’m not the kind who wants to bash the ego over the head until it gives up. I want to bring your attention to the perfection of yourself, to the perfection of life’s unfoldings, and to the perfection of this big emotional storm you might be weathering right now.

It really is all working perfectly, and all working for us, when we have the eyes to see. And we only get the eyes to see when we deepen into the knowing of who we are. Bit by bit disidentifying from what we are not. While remaining in loving inclusion of it all.

Sometimes you know straight away when someone is the next guide for you. Sometimes you need to meet a few first to get a feel for the right one. What’s essential is that you do what feels right for you, and work with the coach or guide that feels right for you – including if it feels a bit scary.

There is a fundamental difference between non-resonance with someone, and resonance with a tinge of fear over the top.

So check with yourself, for yourself.

And then, if I’m a yes or a maybe, book in a Discovery Call so we can meet.

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