Does this sound like you?

Most of my clients come to me because they’re feeling disillusioned with life in some way. Life’s not as fulfilling as they expected it to be by now. Their mind chatter is constant. They can’t focus on just this one thing in front of them now. They feel pulled in a million directions with what needs doing. Relationships are suffering.

Disillusioned adjective 
Disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.

This happens when, things we took to be true and reliable, start to look less so. These usually include other people, career ladders, office politics, development programmes, ways of working, societal norms. We start to ask “is this it?”

As the cracks in reality start to show we look around to see what else is available. Why do I feel like this? Why is it not working? What else is there?

These moments of disillusionment are doorways to transformation which, when opened, lead to a whole new and fresh experience of life.

Is this it?

Having got the career, the house, the family, the money you’re looking around and realising something’s still missing. You don’t feel more fulfilled. You don’t feel successful. You don’t feel secure. Sometimes these feelings seem to have got worse than when you had less money in your first job.

Real happiness, real security and real balance are all available – we’ve just been taught to look in the wrong place to find them.

This work is the final shift in perspective that frees us from the imagined limitations we’ve gathered through life and reconnects us to innate brilliance. It’s the direct path that other development can meander us to.

All our lives we’ve been told to look in the content of life to find happiness – buy stuff, achieve stuff, get the right people in your life, take control. This is endless. You know how that high of a promotion or a new car doesn’t last long and you’re on to the next thing, well it was never the promotion or the car making you happy – in that moment you had a glimpse of your innate brilliance.

And then the programming of the mind kicked back in again to say, I don’t feel good anymore, find the next thing to make us happy. You’ll be OK when…. And that ‘when’ has never been found.

In this work we’re going to the heart of it all. We explore the mechanics of how life always works, in the context of your life. We go to the Principles behind life, to the constants. When we understand those, we find we naturally work in alignment with life instead of inadvertently against it.

You don’t NEED to do this work with me. It seems life has a way of showing us this, one way or another – but sometimes, if we don’t actively explore in this way, we don’t see it until we’re on our deathbed. So if you’d rather rediscover the peaceful mind and fulfilling experience that you’re designed for before then let’s have a conversation.

What you need as you come to this is open-minded curiosity and the courage to look somewhere new. This work doesn’t involve ‘doing’ – no habits, no practices, no action plans. It’s much simpler than we’ve ever been told before.

When we rediscover innate brilliance we reveal where real happiness, real security and real balance have always been – hiding under a noisy mind all this time.

What questions do you have?

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