Is It True?

Keep asking this. You might be surprised what you discover.

Is it true?

That’s the primary question we’re asking in March.

Is it true?

Is it true that I have to be like this?

Is it true that they have to be like that?

Is it true that I’m destined to be like this because…?

Is it true that things should be going the way I think they should?

Is it true that this is a problem?

Is it true that my thoughts are a problem?

Is it true?

If you do nothing else in March, make this question your favourite question.

Much love, Helen

P.S. If you want to go deeper, and be shown the places you can’t even see to ask this question, join us in The Enlightenment Event for March.

Amy and Grace are our experts this month.

“Amy’s intense curiosity about the human experience reminded me how much we assume we know everything about our experience already, even down to such wonderful basics as, ‘what is a thought?’ So much value and insight in approaching things from this perspective.”

“I looked at the Work a couple of years ago and at the time, I got the sense of how powerful it could be, but I didn’t quite get it to work for me… I think my own awkwardness in approaching it got in the way. So I’m looking forward to experiencing this in a guided way in the deep dive workshop.”

You’ll receive a four week immersion into all things Psychological Enlightenment:

  1. An opening call with me to lay out the map of the work we’re doing
  2. A deep dive into what thought is with Amy
  3. A deep questioning of truth with Grace using “The Work”
  4. An open agenda Q&A call to close the month

All housed in a safe, inclusive community space so we get to stay in connection as the insights, realisations, challenges and resistances arise.

See all the dates and times of the calls here.

Choose how you want to join:

  1. £333 — click here.
  2. £177 — join as a Wild Fig Community member first, and we’ll share the link to join The Enlightenment Event at this discounted rate.

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