When you stop needing…

…what you want can arrive.

The other day Rupert Spira’s quote of the day was this….

“When doing slows down, the thinking that is at its origin is exposed; when thinking dissolves, the feeling that is behind it is uncovered; when feeling subsides, the Being that is at its heart is revealed.” Rupert Spira

And I smiled.

I smiled because it aligns so beautifully with the journey of The Enlightenment Event…where we’re travelling through thinking (psychological enlightenment), and feelings (emotional enlightenment), through to Being (spiritual enlightenment). Plus we add into our journey the body (for physical enlightenment) too.

And I smiled because of what I shared in the video last time. About how I thought I *needed* validation from someone like Rupert. And now — having realised how topsy turvy that is — the *need* falls away — and he can arrive with words that ‘validate’ the design of the programme.

But now…it doesn’t feel like validation. Because no validation from outside is needed.

It just feels like a delicious cherry on the top. An extra juicy yes from life. Like receiving a surprise gift!

Which is the natural way it’s meant to be.

The outside world is the bonus.

You are the real prize.

So, what do you think you need?

A relationship? A certain amount of money? A different home? Or job? Different thoughts? A better body? Or maybe the absence of something — like anxiety, illness, or a particular experience?

What do you think you need?​

What could arrive if you saw that was untrue?

With love, Helen

P.S. Want to go deeper?

Doors for The Enlightenment Event open again on 1st March (for 5 days). Our next monthly theme is your Psychological Enlightenment with Dr Amy Johnson and Grace Bell. All held and hosted and woven with love into a clear, coherent whole by me.

“It feels like you were speaking to my soul. This couldn’t have come at a better time.”

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