This is SO much more than a bunch of workshops

You could look at The Enlightenment Event and think you’re not going to get depth. It could look like you’re going to get a series of individual, surface-skimming sessions that don’t connect to each other.

This could not be further from the truth!

This is a potent container of unconditional love. (I know, I can’t believe I used the ‘container’ word. But watch the vid below to hear more.)

This is a container of potent, powerful unconditional love. So potent in fact that it is the absolute polar opposite of a bunch of workshops.

It is going to have you meet yourself so deeply that your life will never be the same again.

My aligned, unique expression is the power of holding safe, loving space, creating unseen connections, weaving threads of insight, and mirroring back misalignments. It’s this space of connected love that will create a journey of deep transformation. It’s my capacity to create this crucible of grounded love that allows what’s ‘not truly you’, to be realised, released and integrated. And everything the experts are bringing will enhance that, ten-fold.


Do you have a YES to this?

Here’s what one person said from just a few days of The Summit. Imagine what’s possible in the DEEP LOVING EXPERIENCE of the full 9 month Event.

“Thank you Helen for repeatedly pointing out how all of these entry points are doorways to the same space – it’s very connecting for me to recognise how many of the things I’ve read, learned about or experienced over the years can all now be included, rather than dismissed as ‘the right or wrong approach’.

The feeling that arises behind ALL of the conversations, coming from your beautiful facilitation and inspired creation of the summit, reveals the fact that there are many paths to the same destination.”

Paths which are woven together with the unconditional love of life that wants you to be more you.

The Enlightenment Event.

Revealing your aligned expression

Want to talk first? Book us a call.

Doors for Feb close at the end of the 6th.

Much love, Helen

See the complete plan here.

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