Clearing Beliefs at Every Level

The Constellation Pip led last Thursday was (as always) incredible. It revealed the struggles we continue to experience today because of the unacknowledged torture and oppression women experienced in the past.

And men aren’t exempt from carrying this. This might seem like a world of separate humans, but there is one shared field of awareness and so we all contain the experiences of oppressor and oppressed. We all have access to the memories of being the one branded a witch, and the one doing the branding.

That’s why the posts I saw on International Women’s Day that resonated the most were the ones that spoke to the truth. Like Katrijn’s which dreamed of a world where no International Days of anything are required (I would add to this – unless for the pure enjoyment and celebration of life!). And Suzanne’s post calling on us to look honestly and take ownership for our role in perpetuating the mind-made divides.

Pip’s next Constellation is 4th April 7pm UK. So mark your calendar if you’d like to join. Indeed you can sign up now if you know you want to be part of the resolution at the depths of belief in the system.

Bringing Light to Thoughts

At the more conscious level of thought for the last two weeks, we’ve had the Opening Call with me, and a workshop on Addiction to Thought from Amy Johnson. You can see the love for Amy’s workshop…

There are two main things we’re doing this month – looking at the truth of what thought is and looking at the truth of the message the thought conveys. So far we’re not finding there’s much substance to either…

All of this is so that we become unafraid of thought and therefore stop falling for it hook, line and sinker. Stop letting it run our lives.

Which then means we stop suffering in a mind-made creation of life.

As Amy said yesterday – we come to our senses.

Watch a clip from both of our sessions here.

It’s All Included

If you want to stop suffering in the experience of thoughts, you get access to this current month’s Psychological content, as well as February’s Make it Visible content, when you join in April.

Doors will open again on 28th March for Emotional Enlightenment in April. Lots more to come on that in these newsletters, and you can see all the videos first by subscribing on YouTube.

Got questions?

Get in touch with me here, I’d love to help.

Are you done with suffering in thoughts and beliefs? Do you know what you want to do about that? If not, book us a call. Let’s see if what I have on offer feels good for you.

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