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I had six sessions of 1-2-1 coaching with Helen over a few months. What’s brilliant about Helen is the trust I felt to share anything that was on my mind. It was also great to know that I could work at any level of consciousness – from sharing my story and untangling gnarly thoughts to deeper energy work that focused on resolving and releasing habitual patterns in my early conditioning – ‘whirlpools’, as she calls them. In our sessions, I frequently landed in a place of light and spacious well-being.

Helen’s the real deal. She brings such an honest, open compassion to this important work.

Andrew, Coach

Wow, Helen Amery – what an experience.

In six sessions – I’ve had such an enormous transformation, it’s almost impossible to put it into words.

The me who turned up with a list of woes and struggles and dissatisfactions is now a me who seems to glide so much more smoothly through life, as doors magically open, awesome pathways appear under my feet and nudges and manifestations are now a daily joy. I don’t worry about the future very much at all. I am just here, happily in the now, getting excited at what is present.

I still have the same things in my reality as before – it’s just now, they aren’t a problem anymore.

In particular, relationships are much more free and easy, friendships are better, comfort zone is miles further out than it was, work is less draining, money is less of a worryeven weight is down a few lbs without too much drama about it. And my identity has shifted out from being who I thought I was and feeling low worth in that, to just being me. I’m also embracing my given name again and am changing my business plans to reflect it. Alex and Alexandra are both here, integrated and I am present, alive and loving it.


Working with Helen felt like having a loving companion on my side. Helen is kind, loving and very interested in what’s going on.

Before I worked with Helen, I did some 3P and non duality stuff. But it felt off and intellectual. I don’t care what is the nature of awareness or what Sydney Banks said; I just wanted to be present with whatever I was feeling. Helen taught me to be interested in the thoughts and feeling that I earlier labelled as ‘negative’. After that, I completely lost my interest for reading books or watching YouTube videos. Thanks to Helen, I feel that I’m my own companion and coach now.

W, Business Leader

I intuitively knew that I wanted to work with Helen as soon as I watched one of her videos. Something magnetic just drew me towards her.

The thing I love the most about working with her is that I can tell that she is completely fascinated by my unique experience. All the insights and learnings I had, that were individual to me, clearly gave her so much joy because she is so committed to helping others deepen their experience.

Working with someone that has walked the path that I seem to have stumbled upon is so powerful. She gives me reassurance when I needed it, guides me when I ask for it and provides compassionate leadership when she knows it’s right for me.

She is a wonderfully giving and loving person, and someone I could happily talk to for hours (usually via 10 minute voice notes!).

I don’t why you’re reading this testimonial, perhaps you’re looking for more ‘evidence’ before making a decision. In which case, drop all of that thinking and listen to your heart. It will give you the answer you need. Have fun!

Nick Hall, Coach

I came across Helen when I was already on the path of awakening and enlightenment. My main aim was to increase the enlightening process.

As a highly sensitive person who had spent decades living in my head, being afraid of physical sensations I was finding it tricky being fully present and accepting  moments of contraction within the body.

This was causing suffering and I felt that I needed someone to guide me further into alignment

The moment I met Helen I knew that she was the right person to hold a space whilst we delved deeper into our true nature. 

Helen’s loving presence is a beautiful gift to be wrapped in whilst exploring the mysteries of life! 

There are many doors that lead to freedom and I love that Helen has an eclectic knowledge of so many different paths. We took many twists and turns as she helped me navigate coming fully into the felt experience

I had an idea of what my experience with Helen would look like and it was so much more! 

Life will continually provide us with lessons to see more. However, my exploration with Helen over the past 6 months has brought me further into alignment than I could of truly wished for and for that I am truly grateful.


Words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with Helen.

After just 12 sessions my life has been transformed.

Helen has shown me what it means to experience the world directly and to fall in love with life.

When I first started working with Helen I felt my problems were insurmountable. With her natural gift for coaching she was able to guide me to see that my suffering was the wake up call to return to myself – to my true nature. Every time I suffer I know I have identified with someone or something that is not my essential self.

Helen is the perfect coach to help one awaken to the potential for light, love and joy.


I’ve had a number of transmissions from Helen, to help with ongoing lightening of conditioning since awakening, and I’ve felt the benefit of balancing and clearing from the beautiful transmissions. I love Helen’s ability to tune in to higher guidance and share from a deep embodiment of Truth.
These aren’t something you come to with a need to know how they work, because I don’t think anyone could really explain that. But what I’ve seen is that by coming with an open heart and an open mind the transmission does exactly what it needs to do on the day you receive it. Each time is unique and that seems to be beyond anything we could figure out mentally for ourselves.
I highly recommend you talk to Helen about these if you’re feeling a draw towards them.

Nicky; Coach and Spiritual Guide

“I came across Helen a couple of years ago. At first I heard her speaking on a podcast or webinar, then I heard her name mentioned again in several coaching communities that I am part of. Immediately I felt a strong curious nudge to message her and book in for a chat.

I have heard many times that when one is ready the right teacher will appear, and after a short conversation with Helen I knew I was in very safe and wise hands!

I have worked with her one to one, in group settings and I am also part of her beautiful Wild Fig community.

When she began to offer these things she called ’Transmissions’ I was a bit unsure. But I was most definitely up for anything to help me to further explore and immerse myself in this non-dual journey I had found myself on, whilst continuing to  deepen my grounding in who I really am.

I have experienced her transmissions both personally and as part of a group. A big grin is now appearing on my face as I type! Words can’t really describe the effects, and they weren’t instant. But the days following the transmission I became increasingly settled in myself, less burdened by stuff, my mind was  quieter for longer periods. All sorts of ’shitty-ness’ from the past began to reveal itself but with less attachment to the content and without the normal compulsion to bat it speedily away with the usual tone of resentment.

I know for sure that working with Helen in any capacity is a wonderful experience. I have worked with many coaches and teachers this year, but there is something truly unique about they way she hears your souls yearnings, and has a beautiful deeply intuitive way of holding a gentle honest space for you whilst you explore exactly what’s required in that moment to begin to cross over to the ‘light side!’

I would definitely recommend booking in for conversation sessions or transmissions with Helen… It will be the beginning of an amazing (although a little bumpy at times!) journey with her.

I trust her implicitly with my heart.


Jacquie; Transformational Wellbeing Coach


Bestowed in love

Received with laughter

At the knowing words

Then sobs, from an ancient

Long forgotten space


Being reached

By a beautiful

Knowing skillful

Guide to enlightenment.

With love and gratitude, Helen Amery, to a beautiful expression of Beingness


Helen has a really unique and special way of making you feel heard and at ease from the very first conversation. She helps you to see the reality of any apparent issue or problem, so that you are able to gain perspective and understand what’s really going on. I’ll be forever grateful to Helen for helping me see the creative potential that comes with simply being aware and connecting back in. What Helen has shown me has changed the way I see EVERYTHING and it’s something I will never be able to un-see, let the journey continue… 

Ellie; HR Assistant (Media)