What Clients Say

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“I was confused with the transformation element of coaching as I did not feel I had experienced it. Something was missing. I felt stuck and lacked clarity. Reading the words on Helen’s website struck a chord, and I signed up for a ‘Space of Transformation’ course.

At the end of the course, I knew that I had experienced authentic transformation and now have a completely new understanding of how the mind works. As a result, I am experiencing more peace, clarity, ease and creativity.

Helen’s presence is very calm, loving, and sincere, and she works intuitively alongside you to see the truth of what might be keeping you stuck. I felt safe, and I would be gently challenged with avoidance or resistance at the same time. I would highly recommend Helen’s guidance to anyone who has had conventional coaching and is wondering if something more is available. The Patreon membership is also great fun. I thoroughly enjoy the rich, resourceful digital library Helen curates there for us, to keep exploring more deeply.”

Kate; Business Owner and Coach

“When I came to Helen I was simply hoping to get some advice on what I should do next with regards to my career. Over my sessions, we explored my experience of life as a whole and identified behaviours or thoughts that were preventing me from getting the most out of it.

Helen gave me the space to explore where and when and why I was happy and succeeding and therefore where I didn’t need to expend energy worrying or fighting things.

I have been able to reduce strong feelings of anger or frustration to have a more resilient approach to dealing with challenges, far beyond just work.

During this period I have been able to better recognise opportunities at work and how I can make the most of them and as a result have received a promotion and enjoy work far more. I am also kinder and more patient in my personal relationships and feel stronger and better equipped to deal with other unexpected challenges.

Helen has been an incredibly supportive confidante, always available to listen and not afraid to point out painful truths. I always felt better and more confident after a session with Helen!”

Alice; Head of Communications, Tech Industry

“Helen is a space holder, an intuitive, a skilled questioner and a loving guide. She has been instrumental in guiding me to a space of deeper knowing and experience of who I am. An insightful, thoughtful and wonderful coach she is truly gifted in tuning into what is really calling to be revealed and explored. Whatever it is that you think you are bringing to the session, she will gently and lovingly uncover what really is behind it all ! Although I have been on an Inner Journey for a while Helen enabled me to access a deeper level of insight, awareness, peace, wisdom and flow in my life. And I am continuing to see the beautiful ripple effects of this work unfolding in my life. Helen, you are a gorgeous Soul and an English National Treasure in my books ! ThankYOU.”

Nicola; Keynote Speaker

When you spend time with Helen the circus in your head comes to a peaceful end. You will quickly see and feel that all the thoughts you have about yourself can easily become attached to a systemic belief system that is not serving you anymore. In the safe transformative space Helen creates through her work, those unhelpful beliefs can be seen, observed, acknowledged and broken down in such way that gives you permission to let go of them. This makes way for a new way of being to be realised, a new path of brilliance to emerge without attachment to thoughts or the need for an inner editing self. When you choose to work with Helen you will discover a new form of ease & flow, where things float out your mouth from your natural innate brilliance. You make space to create from your heart.

Heather; Leader and Coach

“I started working with Helen as I had a desire to live differently and a more fulfilled, peaceful life. I had very little idea about what I was signing up to, but curiosity and excitement as to what lay ahead!

I had a lot of ah-ha moments that blew my mind and still do now.  I made some changes from those moments and I have some amazing quotes to ponder thanks to Helen’s encyclopaedic brain and expansive Evernote collection!

Helen’s coaching is gentle, explorative and filled with heart. I’ve never experienced such deep, transformative work before, even during therapy. I would heartily recommend that if you want to shake up the snowstorm of life as you see it and let it settle to reveal exciting new insights then Helen is the coach you’ve been looking for.”

Sara, Coach and Facilitator

“She certainly lives this understanding. As far as my coaching is concerned, working with Helen is the single most significant thing that has opened up a whole vista of understanding and effectiveness in my coaching practice. If you are starting to see the limitations of your current paradigm of the experience of life, and want to explore a doorway to something more pervasive and transformational, then I suggest you connect with Helen.

It has been a pleasure and delight to work with her and explore the essence of our true nature beyond the mind, and how our innate brilliance informs all we do. As a coach I was starting to work with my clients along these lines but wanted to deepen my experience and support my clients to do the same. Through incisive questions, accessible metaphors and sharing from so much source material about the nature of our human experience, Helen accompanied me on a transformational journey which exposed hidden bias, helped me be more present with my clients without taking responsibility for their “result”, as well as realise that my story about clients was actually getting in the way of attracting them.

As a result of our work together I am embracing life more fully and navigating building my coaching business with more ease.”

Frank, Transformational Coach

“I would highly recommend working with Helen. Her work has driven a genuine change in the way that I approach my work every single day. Through challenging the way that you think and approach situations, Helen gently enables you to step back and look at every-day problems and interactions with a renewed clarity and focus. It is an extremely worthwhile exercise with wide-reaching benefits.”

Georgina, Marketing and Digital Director, Apparel Industry

Helen is a phenomenal coach. She has a deep understanding of how our thinking arises and the real nature of where our suffering does and doesn’t come from. Her gentle and direct style is a gift I continue to seek out and benefit from again and again.

Barry; Director, Facilitator, Trainer

“I have had several transformational insights during coaching conversations with Helen.  She has a knack for listening deeply for the truth of the matter, and I’ve found her ability to lovingly expand my perspective so valuable as I’ve faced some major personal growth, business and career transitions, and challenging relationships.  I appreciate that she draws on a variety of coaching models, and has the ability to bridge the spiritual with the ordinary. She is one of the most caring people I’ve met and has a gigantic heart that will help heal yours.”

Justin; Coach, Consultant, Advisor

I’ve benefitted from a range of coaching over the years and Helen’s approach is different. In the past, I’ve had some great coaching to help with reinventing my career and specific work that focused on creative leadership. But this time I was at a stage where I was interested in re-evaluating the whole meaning of my life – and how I could best use my experiences and knowledge for the benefit of other people.

I was drawn to Helen because of her deep understanding of how the mind works. Crucially, she knows the difference between coaching that comes from the ego and coaching that comes from presence. It’s hard to put into words, but this spacious generosity makes for a much deeper and more honest conversation. It led to my mind becoming more open and relaxed. For the first time, I could clearly see some of the ways I was self-sabotaging. Between sessions, I had a number of ground-breaking insights that I would call transformative. And I don’t use that word lightly!

There’s no doubt that some of the things Helen says sound pretty strange to the untrained ear. You definitely need to be curious and open to new ways of seeing things. But if you’re willing to go beyond your intellect and trust in a deeper kind of knowing, it can be incredibly clarifying. It’s perfect for overthinkers like me – and is without doubt the most powerful coaching I’ve experienced.

Andrew; Director, Coach, Writer