About You

Is this your experience?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it and embrace them.” Rumi

You’re strong and courageous. But those words maybe don’t resonate with you immediately. And yet you are. Because you’re here. Which means you’ve been willing to look at your experience honestly and see that it’s not how you were taught. You’ve looked and seen that who you are is not who you were taught to think you are.

The reason you don’t count yourself as strong and courageous is because strength and courage are generally portrayed as the ‘bold, chest out’ masculine-hero-version of strength and courage. But you are quietly strong and courageous. You are an expression of the feminine strength and courage of life that is coming back into the foreground. This might mean you’re also a woman, but some men are also realising this true, quiet strength and courage of the feminine too.

Given this, you have already been up for considering that who you thought you were isn’t who you really are. That how the world appears isn’t as fixed and real as you once thought it was. You’ve already been looking at your experience, looking honestly, to see how your inner narrative has been projected onto the world.

You’ve already seen that how the world really is, isn’t how you imagined, believed or were taught it to be. That who you really are, isn’t who you imagined, believed or were taught.

So yes, you are strong and courageous – because all of these are signs that you are following your heart. Courage is of the heart (from the French word coeur) and so you have already begun to favour your heart before your head. The feminine before the masculine. This is the natural way for things to be.

If you’re here, then you’ve already made significant shifts in this direction.

Of course you have, because in addition to your courage and strength you are curious – how could you not be if you’ve begun an exploration into the nature of yourself and of reality! And you are caring. You want to do good in the world, you want to make a difference – and you know that your ability to do that is so much greater when you stand on a firm footing, with clarity in your heart.

And now there’s more available for you. Because what you probably resonate with, more than ‘strong and courageous’, is ‘emotionally messy‘. It’s not a kind term, but that’s often how it feels and how you refer to yourself. Life can feel turbulent and full on. It’s as though you get swept along in it all, submerged by it all even, and you know there’s a more stable experience of emotions available. One that has you flow with it all, and continue to feel in your power.

You get it all logically. You intellectually understand it. You’ve even seen the untruth of the thoughts. But your emotional system and physical system don’t seem to have got the message yet.

This is perfect because I take you to that next level.

Currently it feels like there’s a misalignment. You have been around a spiritual exploration for a while, or maybe you feel like you’ve had a spontaneous awakening of some kind. However you got to here, you’ve had moments of feeling awakened, blissful, and clear. These have shown you that there is something much deeper and more loving-feeling available, than you’ve spent most of your life walking around in. You have periods of living life in this flow and ease. And it’s beautiful!

But it isn’t consistent. It comes and goes. You oscillate between the feeling of flow and the contraction back into the old stories and convincingly strong feelings.

You see these old patterns playing out in your life. The repeating emotional patterns, repeating inner critic stories, and therefore repeating experiences in the content of life – jobs, relationships, money – that you wish were different or gone. And therefore which show there are areas of misalignment.

And so now – you’re ready to explore this next level of patterns. The ones that are closer in and which take a next level of strength and courage to look at and be with. Courage that often becomes more available when we’re sitting with another, together, in that exploration.

That strength and courage in you is moving you forward – it is inevitable. Now that the unravelling of conditioning has begun, these patterns want you to look closely, honestly, lovingly and directly at them. To see what it is that is maintaining these areas of misalignment.

This is wonderful! You are getting to the heart of it.

It is a normal part of the process that our initial unravelling post-awakening is quite easy. The looser layers of thought and feeling lighten and disperse with ease.  As time passes, the layers of thought and feeling that get revealed are the ones that have been practiced for longer. They’re ones you’re more identified-with. They’re ones you collected at the earliest stages of life and which are so familiar that they really look essential to you being you.

Now you’re ready to look at and be with those.

To see that these too are not who you really are and that, being with all of it, results in their dissolution and greater remembrance of your essence. Which in turn enables the freedom of expression of your unique human-ness.

It is the most loving exploration we can be in for ourselves and for those around us.

And so this is where I come in. I have journeyed this process. I have an unshakable knowing of our essential nature. I have looked directly at and been with my fears. I have sat in the tears and discomfort of the shameful and painful parts. I have seen the fear of being a disappointment collapse in the space of an hour. I have been with the depths of my deepest fear. And all of this means I can hold you in the exploration of yours.

Of course your journey is unique to you – nobody can say what your path will be. But the map is the same – and my travelling it before you means I can walk with you while you travel yours.

Your life is unique. Your experience provides the signposts. And I provide the pointers to the truth. Whether this is to deepen your awakening (to more deeply feel the ease of your essential nature) or to integrate your enlightenment (to further include and dissolve the ideas which have been clung to or resisted). I am here for you through this glorious process of revelation and return.

Consider now…

What would it be like if all experiences were welcome?

What would it be like if you lived in restful ease, as yourself?

What would it be like to feel the freedom of expression?

So check in with yourself now: is this for you?

You want to feel the ease of being yourself. You want an unshakable knowing of your essential nature. You want to deepen your awakening.

You’re done with the repeating patterns that create suffering. You’re ready to look at the final layers of conditioning that feel so real and sticky and convincingly problematic. You want to further integrate your enlightenment.

You want a nice life, an easy life, living the full expression of freedom that you are. Including all experiences.

This is the loving and inclusive path to the contentment, joy and fullness of life that you know is available.

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