About You

Is this right for you?

You’re smart, open-minded and curious and you’re ready for a different experience of life. You’ve been around long enough to have seen repeating patterns of behaviour in yourself and others, and no other development has really changed anything long-term.

You care about doing a good job, you care about how you are for other people, you care about your friends and family but you’re also the one people rely on to hold it all together, and it’s tiring. You’re ready for lighter, happier relationships.

You’re also a bit controlled and controlling. With all best intentions you try to make life go the ‘right’ way, and it’s pretty exhausting. You take responsibility so easily that it leaves others feeling untrusted, unworthy and incapable. This means you find yourself being needed for everything all the time, like the spider in the centre of the web. There’s always far too much to do and nobody else seems capable of doing it. You’re ready to see through this repeating pattern and regain balance.

In your desire to be good and do the right thing, you feel insecure about your work a lot of the time. Are you doing enough? Is it good enough? Will it get approval? Should you do more, be more, learn more, change more? There’s a fear behind your actions that you want to shift so you can live and work from a grounded sense of security.

You’ve come to this ready for a change – you’ve seen enough of these patterns play out over and over and you’re ready for a calmer, more balanced, happier life.

You’ve been asking – is this it? Why is life not better or easier by now? Why has all the development I’ve done not made a lasting difference?

What would it be like if everything changed without needing to change a thing?

With this work we’re not trying to fix you, the people in your life or your job – because none of them were ever broken in the first place.

Instead we use your day-to-day experiences as access routes or doorways into a deeper exploration. What we explore here is who you really are behind those things, and how life really works. Once you see these, life becomes easier, fun, lighthearted, connected and fulfilling – and from there it’s so much easier and clearer to move forward with yourself, others and your job.

This work is perfect for you if:

 The repeating patterns in your life have got to the stage where you’re dissatisfied and frustrated. The problems aren’t going away, the pace and volume is unsustainable, and either something’s going to drop or you will.

You’re up for exploration, not a linear, structured programme, and not someone else’s hand-me-down answers, advice or 7 steps to… Instead, you want rich, enlightening conversations about who you really are and what’s really going on.

You’re drawn to what you’ve heard and – although there are some questions – you know, in some inexplicable way, that this is for you.

In our work together we pull out of the weeds of what’s going on and get a whole new perspective of how the system of life works. We work at the most fundamental level for deep, lasting realisations.

Read an example from a client’s coaching session here to find out more.

This is the direct route to happiness, security and balance so, if you want more of that, take your next step and book a call…