Stop Playing Small

I was reconnecting to the purpose of The Enlightenment Event, and these words appeared, which felt so valuable that I was compelled to share them with you. Read, absorb and let the words reverberate and ignite your heart into remembering that you are the answer you’ve always been looking for.


What’s it for? What’s The Enlightenment Event for? Why does it matter? Why should anyone care?


You’re holding yourself back, you’re playing small, you’re trying to fit in, and I am done with that – for me and for you.

It’s time!!

Step up. Shake off the shackles. Step into your fullness. BE YOU!!

I am done with seeing brilliant people – full of uniqueness – hiding in the shadows. Assuming they can’t be their full selves. Believing their voice doesn’t matter. Waiting for permission to shine.

No! No! No!

Enough of this BS!

Life is short. We’re here to live it. REALLY live it.

Not hide in the background in case some experiences are too challenging. Not disengaging because it seems safer. Not holding back from engaging and speaking what’s true for you.

It’s time to drop our identifications with childhood stories and fears. It’s time to shine!

And I know that unconditional love is the way. Not the love the mind imagines. Not soft and cuddly – although it can be that – but the unconditional love that says NO! Stop doing this to yourself!

You want you.

We want you.

The world wants you.

The world doesn’t even know that yet. It’s not seen you shine…yet.

And yes of course some people won’t like you. They’ll think your light is wrong. But don’t some people already dislike you? And it’s not even your true light they’re disliking. It’s filtered and distorted.

So if people are going to dislike you anyway, wouldn’t it be preferable that they’re disliking the full and real you? At least that way YOU love you. And you will stand in strength with your two feet on the ground saying ‘it’s OK they don’t like me. I love them, and I especially love them for making their choice for them.’

Personally, I am done with the distortions and manipulations and contortions we create within ourselves. All done in order to meet someone else’s needs, expectations and requirements. All done in order to be loved by them – while abandoning ourselves, and harming ourselves in the process. Perhaps the greatest act of self-hatred possible.

So it is time to step into full ownership.

Full ownership of our light.

And full ownership of our shadow.

We are responsible for it all.

It’s time to step up.

It is time to shine your unique light.

Are you with me?

Let’s go!

With all the unconditional love in my heart, Helen


Shake off your shackles and join The Enlightenment Event. Stop the contortions. Step into the remembrance that you are the one.

1st March – doors open again.

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