Is this keeping you from moving forward?

With the best will in the world, if you haven’t turned and faced what you fear, you will never experience the freedom of your true authentic self.

“It’s not enough to tell ourselves that we want to be free or more authentic. We are programmed for emotional safety first. Real authenticity and freedom come from facing skilfully what we fear the most.” Scott Kiloby

I get it. You’re afraid of change. Who you are now feels safe. Even if you’re suffering in it. Even if there’s something a bit rubbish about it. At least you know it.

The mind loves to know. To be right. To be certain. So it can say ‘you see! I told you so. I told you this is how you are!’

But you are not the mind.

Therefore you don’t need to know. It’s only when you believe the mind that you *think* you want to know — need to know!

This is the fundamental confusion that keeps you stuck in comfortable struggle.

When what you really want is the truth.

Because you love the feeling of freedom. You love to express. You love to live, feeling alive. You love to feel fulfilled with all that is. You love to step forward into the next unknowable moment and experience it fresh!

What’s keeping you stuck in the place of comfortable struggle is the fear to look.

Those thoughts look terrifying. They say all sorts of awful things. They seem to be confirming how unacceptable you are. How wrong you are.

So of course you’ve tried to overcome them, and avoid them. Of course you’ve tried to polish yourself up to be good, perfect, acceptable, right. Of course you’ve been afraid to look.

But this is all an endless, exhausting, and sometimes even debilitating task.

Freedom is in the direction of turning towards what you’ve feared. Skilfully. Lovingly.

Freedom is questioning that which you’ve taken to be a definite, unquestionable given.

Freedom is the gradual and perfect revealing of who you are, when you stop trying to avoid who you think you are.

Freedom is the recognition of the futility of trying to know, manage, and control how you think you have to be.

And it’s anything but scary. With each revelation, it feels more comfortably comfortable. Because you feel more like you.

Have you started this journey of remembering your natural, authentic, free self?

With love, Helen


I’m hosting The Enlightenment Event. A journey of revelation of your aligned, authentic expression.

Each month we’re turning and facing what we’ve feared, to remember we are absolutely, fundamentally OK. And to remember the nature of that which we’ve been running from.

Doors are open 1st to 6th March for this next month of Psychological Enlightenment.

Find out all about it here — if you want to live in the freedom of your natural, aligned expression.

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