Do you…?

writing a list

Which of these experiences resonate with you? Use this checklist to see if your life is being driven by an avoidance of feelings and emotions.


Do you…


people please

control (yourself or others)

manage conversations — pre-planning, pre-empting, second guessing, carefully crafting

avoid conflict

avoid topics that trigger you

find emotions overwhelming​

feel calm, calm, calm then erupt

power on through then collapse

fawn and shrink assuming you’re less

take responsibility, self-blame, self-judge


have a busy mind

hold back from speaking up and engaging

chase elusive work-life balance

seek approval out there

feel unworthy, incapable or unlovable

have patterns in your life that inexplicably repeat

If you’ve said yes to even one of these, then you need to meet the emotions you’re avoiding.

Let me re-phrase that, you don’t ‘need’ to. But if you *want* an easier, more fulfilling, more peaceful, more whole-feeling life — both in yourself, and in your life — then you will *want* to meet and make friends with the emotions you’re rejecting.

It’s only by turning to face what we fear that we remember our wholeness, and then see that reflected everywhere.

So what do you want? Repeating patterns of experiences you don’t enjoy? Or freedom, ease and authentic expression?

I know my choice!

“As soon as you choose YOU, everything else chooses you too

This is the season of YOU.” IG: @growpositivity

Much love, Helen

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled, doors open in two days.

The Enlightenment Event is bringing Emotional Enlightenment in April.

An opportunity to learn tools and techniques to meet your emotions as they are. To lighten your relationship with them, and stop them driving unhealthy and unhelpful repeating patterns of behaviour and experiences.

To be reminded when doors open, subscribe to my newsletter here.

I’d love to meet you, and your emotions, there.

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