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Everything you’re experiencing and that you’ve ever experienced could not have happened any other way, and I know you could continue the rest of your life without getting into this conversation with me, or with another coach.

And yet, if something in you is drawn to what you’re hearing here, I’d love to start exploring with you.

I’ve been coaching since 2009, starting in the corporate space using transactional coaching models before opening the doors of Wild Fig in 2014 and going deeper with psychology-based coaching. In 2018 I discovered the understanding I work from now which comes before psychology. It provides a strong foundation because it takes us right back to who we really are and what life really is so we get grounded in what’s constant instead of wrestling with what always changes.

Clients say they feel safe and curious when they’re in conversation with me, that I’m deeply insightful – getting straight to the heart of what’s going on – and that I do it all with love.

Having spent 15 years on my own development, using so many different approaches and courses, I’ve gone on a long journey of rediscovering who I really am. Knowing what I know now was the crucial piece of the puzzle that led to my experience of life transforming – leading to better relationships, better parenting, more fun and so much less stress.

You get the benefit of my 15+ years of experience because I can take you straight there!

Why Wild Fig? When I named my business it was because I cared about getting to the root cause; the Wild Fig has the deepest roots in the world. Until 2018 I thought I was working as deep as it was possible to go – and then I found more. Maybe there is still more! One thing I know is that my curiosity to explore keeps me in a space where I keep learning which means my increasing grounded-ness acts like a springboard for you to realise yours.

This coaching points you to a simplicity of life that I never knew was possible. It might surprise you too. So much development is complex, full of models and concepts and new habits to practice; and it turns out it doesn’t need to be like that. This work doesn’t require unearthing family histories or past traumas. It doesn’t require going over old ground. It doesn’t require you to make yourself do something different or to implant new beliefs. It’s a natural unlearning of what’s no longer useful to you and all it requires is noticing with a curious mind. This is like being an explorer or scientist, testing out hypotheses, because when you see this for real in your own life, then it just becomes obvious and change happens naturally.

This way of being is what we’re designed for.

Real happiness, real security and real balance
All available from a quiet mind

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