It’s Not All Plain Sailing

You might think from my blog yesterday that my experience is all plain sailing now.

It’s not.

But what’s different, and freeing, is that I know what the feeling of restriction and contraction is REALLY telling me.

I trust that life is bringing me REALLY VALUABLE information when it feels like s*^t. It is here for my liberation.

I know that it’s TRUE LOVE, showing me where I am continuing to align with a false limitation, rather than the easy, free, flowing, natural me.

January has quite frankly been the hardest month I’ve experienced for the last…at least two years! Maybe even three. In fact when it was last this hard I was working with Clare Dimond and she was holding me steady so I could look and see what I had feared for so long.

Now, this month, I have taken another step towards what my heart desires, and the fears and resistances have very clearly raised their heads again. All happening for inclusion, for resolution, for love. Exactly what Nicky Drew is bringing to February’s Make it Visible theme.

So, if you want to join this journey, please don’t come thinking it’s all plain sailing.

You will have the opportunity for your resistances, fears and limitations to be brought to the surface. And all aspects of the journey will do this for you – yes through the experts’ sessions, and through things I might say or do, or through interactions with your fellow enlightenment journey’ers.

The whole system is here for you.

It is all geared towards you revealing your liberated, free, natural self.

If you know how to look.

And if you know how to hold yourself through the challenge when it does feel like s*^t.

Do you want that?

You’re a yes? Oh how your heart is singing right now!

Join The Enlightenment Event to be in this experience of both revelation of freedom, and of deep love in our difficulties.

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