Stress and struggle, or ease?

Which would you prefer?

More belief, more need, more fear, more shame, more lack, more struggle, more stress, more insecurity?


More liberation, more freedom, more open-ness, more grounded-ness, more presence?

It looks like a no-brainer to me. Does it to you?

And I’ve had the perfect lived experience of this shift over this last week – with Clare Dimond having been a pivotal person in my journey to here.

My mum’s been unwell all week, on the back of a trip abroad where the illness began. It’s meant changing plans, not doing work I’d planned to, cancelling client sessions on Friday (the ultimate last resort for me) and spending a full, no-sleep 26 hours with her in A&E.

In the past my stress and struggle would have been huge! I’d have been irritable with her (although probably suppressed), I’d have snapped at my husband (to express that irritation somewhere). The kids would have felt it, as well as being on the receiving end of my exasperated sighs and eye rolls if they made additional requests of me.

Now it’s a movement of flow and ease. Moment to moment responsiveness instead of reaction. Next step. Next step. New information arrives – and a change of plan. Talking to others, receiving guidance and recommendations. Absent of wrangle. Absent of stress.

Would I have preferred my week to go as planned? Yes. Was there a battle with it going how it went? No.

Which would you prefer?

Repeating patterns of lack, stress, and reaction?


Revelation of freedom?

This is why Clare’s one of our Make it Visible experts this month…

Listen to Clare tell you about it herself…

Ready to choose liberation?

Join us here.

We can’t change what we’re not aware of.

That’s why this 9 month enlightening journey of revelation begins with making visible what has been hidden. Hidden because it’s been your normal for so long.

It’s time to remember the innate freedom you are.

It’s time to align with your unique, natural, expression.

Starting with a reflective exploration with me this Wednesday, you’ll then dive deep with Nicky Drew on the 14th and Clare Dimond on the 21st. Revealing what your heart desires AND the resistances that continue to block your flow. Then we close the month on the 28th with all three of us, for open Q&A to process and ground your insights and revelations.

All held in a space of unconditional love, with a community space to connect and share while we move from week to week.

This is for you if you are done with limitation and lack, and you want to step into being YOU!

Join as a member to get 50% discount. (Choose your level of membership, join, and I’ll get you the discount links.)

Reveal your unique, natural, aligned expression.

The Enlightenment Event.

Doors for Feb close on the 6th.

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