Is your inner truth detector lighting up?

What are you thinking now?

Often there’s part of us that’s fascinated, there’s something in this! And then there’s part that’s feeling dubious. I remember my own dubious-ness!

The part that’s thinking there’s something in this is your inner truth detector – it’s like our inner-BS detector – there are some things we just know. But let’s also look at what your dubious mind might be trying to convine you of…

Common dubious thoughts are:
This sounds too good to be true.
This sounds woolly and abstract
It’s probably just the same old wine in new bottles
Look, things aren’t so bad, just keep going and it’ll get better

These thoughts create an illusion of staying safe. They tell us to do what we’ve always done: “we know this path (even if it sucks sometimes) just stay here with what you know.”

And it’s these very thoughts that are keeping your innate brilliance hidden. They’re what is keeping you from feeling really happy, really secure and really balanced.

If it sounds too good to be true, & yet there’s something in it, stay curious. Most people get cynical or scared and miss out. Then life stays as it’s always been. Instead trust that your inner-truth detector knows what it’s doing – and that through this work you get ever-better at listening to it.

This is for you if you:

want a quieter mind
would love to dissolve the annoyingly recurring patterns of your life
feel ready to uncover real happiness, real security and real balance

This is not for you if you:

have no resonance or curiosity with what I’m saying – your truth-detector is too covered up right now
want to be given advice and next steps of how to live your life
want to keep life just how it is – even if some of it’s pretty terrible

What’s it like when we work together?

In our work together we use the content of your life – what’s happening, who’s in it, what you want and don’t want – as an access route to understand the way life really works. We pull out of the weeds of the ‘what’ and get a whole new perspective of ‘how’ the system of life works.

We have conversations where you come with whatever’s been on your mind that week, what you’ve noticed and what you’ve realised. This last one is crucial – it’s only through our own realisations and insights that anything has ever changed in our lives – those moments when something clicks, a lightbulb moment, an ‘oh!’ moment.

Through the conversation I ask, I listen, I explain and I guide. Always pointing you towards the mechanics of the whole system. The higher the perspective we get, the more able we are to operate with clarity.

Through this work you learn the constant, reliable mechanics of the system always know what’s going on rediscover real happiness, real security and real balance.

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