Read and notice when you resonate.

How do we work together?

My interest is centred on you.

What you’re experiencing in life on the day we meet is all the information we need to explore upstream into the conditioned stories and into the truth of who you are.

I have a deep trust in life to bring us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. And a deep knowing that wherever we start in our conversation, it will lead us to exactly where we need to be, and what we need to talk about.

The How of Awakening and Enlightenment

For Awakening, a structured programme can be really helpful. If you’ve had an initial heart-opening, or mind-collapsing, awakening experience, then it is very powerful to bring structure and logic to support the deepening of that felt recognition. There is a step-by-step and a logic to this process.

That is why Sara and I wrote our book in this way. Providing practical explorations and logical connections so that heart, mind and spirit all align with the same knowing. Therefore, if what you need is a deepening into your awakening, the book provides an amazing foundation for us to structure our sessions around, with a clear goal – the deeper recognition of your essential nature.

If your awakening is well grounded, then we’re in the world of Enlightenment and sessions become more fluid and open. We engage in exploration of the experiences that arise in your everyday life. Looking at them through the lens of how all human experiences are created and felt – seeing that incredible reliable mechanism at play. And being with these experiences in their flow of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Always grounding back into the safety of who we really are. Showing the system how OK we are in the presence of this.

So whether you feel you need to deepen your awakening or integrate for your enlightenment there is a common theme with both:

Know yourself, then see your experience, honestly, as it is.

This is for you if you:

want to step deeper into your awakening
want to look honestly at your conditioned patterns
want to feel that your life is aligned with the knowing of who you really are

This is not for you if you:

have no resonance or curiosity with what I’m saying
get scared (which might look like dismissing what I’m saying) at the thought of looking at conditioning
aren’t committed to awakening and enlightenment. We both get more from it when you really want it.

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