Who Are You Afraid Of?

You might be confidently saying ‘nobody!’, or even scoffing at the idea that you’d be afraid of someone. You’re an adult after all.

But if you’re up for exploring the truth, check these scenarios and see if something resonates.

Who Are You Afraid Of?

Your Partner – Do you shy away from asking for something, or suggesting something, in case it’s met with an eye roll, a tut, or an exasperated sigh? Or do you nag and cajole to try and get them to shape up and behave the way you think they should?

Your Parent(s) / In laws – Do you hold back from telling them everything about your life because it doesn’t fit their world view of ‘acceptable’? Do you get exasperated with them and either bite your tongue, or express it and regret it?

Your Kid(s) – Do you get angry, controlling, or judgemental when they’re having a meltdown? Do you have to leave the room before it all gets too much – potentially with the idea that if you don’t you might do or say something you regret.

Your Colleagues – Do you sit in meetings knowing this isn’t a smart decision, but unsure how to say that without pissing everyone off, or looking like ‘the one who always ruins it’. Do you get infuriated with the injustice of what some people get paid for what they do, but feeling helpless to change it.

These examples are all about you feeling afraid.

In truth, you’re not afraid of *them* or of *what they think, say or do*.

You’re afraid of how you imagine that will make you feel.

And in fact, you’re afraid of what you believe that feeling says about you – take your pick – failure, useless, hopeless, pathetic, ungrateful, greedy, trouble maker, busy body, out of control, stupid, powerless….

If we’re to be free, and aligned, in the natural expression of who we’re here to be there are three things for us to do:

1. Recognise what we’re ACTUALLY afraid of.
2. Start to disentangle who we are from the emotion, feeling, and behaviour.
3. Bring LOVE to ourselves when it looks like *they* are the problem….so that we find our way back to the true fear – that WE are the problem – and loving ourselves in that.

Are you ready to bring love to the fear?

If those 3 steps give you everything you need – AMAZING!

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February is the month for Step 1 – Recognise what we’re actually afraid of.

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I look forward to welcoming you in.

Much love, Helen

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