Pace, pressure and problems! 

Is this your life? Is this how it’s meant to be? Is this it?

High expectations, stretching demands, always on, working more, always striving for more, better, faster, to get further, discover the next big thing and wondering if anyone’s noticing or if it’s making a difference.

In this place, you lose sight of possibilities, agility and creativity. Even you, who values people, is seeing them as a barrier. Relationships are faltering, you’re exhausted, everything feels like another straw piling on your back.

Enough! It’s time to change!

And imagine that this change could happen without having to change a single member of your team, or your job.

That you could step out of the drama of normal life while also being an even more brilliant version of you?

What if you could uncover who you really are?

Gaining Connection, Clarity, and Calm and unleashing your true potential.

Get back to the real you.

By understanding “how” the mind really works – instead of “what” it’s thinking or “why” it’s thinking that – you can have this.

Connection – build true, connected relationships with others so you and they achieve more and better together

Clarity – make decisions easily, get things done without effort, know the right thing to do or say in the moment

Calm – know that you’re OK, no matter what’s going on around you, and that you always will be

I work with Directors and Senior Leaders who want to thrive in life.

Leaders who know that how things are can’t be how things continue.

And I work differently to most.

Most leadership development and coaching looks at the WHAT – the content of what’s happening, the situation, the thinking and feelings around it.

It might also go into the WHY – what’s led you to this place, this decision, this reaction. Examining your thinking to identify why you’re not making as much progress.  What the thoughts are which are holding you back.

What I do centres around the HOW – the way our mind and human system work. Once you know how to drive a car you can make it go better.  Until then you’ll be commenting on the bodywork (the WHAT) or getting the car clean and shiny (the WHY) but the car won’t work better.

Watch this short intro video to my work.

“Whatever you are is all you can give away” Syd Banks

In all my years of Exec Coaching, exploration of the “what” of clients’ thinking would throw up a lurking and powerful belief of “I’m not good enough”.  This is the result of our insecure ego which comes from the way we’ve been parented and educated, and which continues into our adult lives.  These cultural paradigms breed a belief that “you’re not good enough at this, you need to change, fix yourself, do better, try harder, be perfect” and “you’re only worthy of love, you’re only valued and will only be OK if you get the grades, get the job, work hard, earn the money”. All telling us we’re in some way incomplete, broken and imperfect.  This leaves us seeking outside of ourselves to make us whole, fixed and worthy; or maybe seeking something to numb, hide and escape. But these outside things are always temporary, ever-changing and never enough to truly satisfy or truly escape – and so we strive for more believing this next thing will be THE thing. But then… something else changes, our fear is triggered and we’re back to “not good enough” and the search begins again.

That search will never end.  We’re desperately seeking in the wrong place.

Stay sane and jump off the busy bandwagon.

This work I do helps you see all of this for what it is and to see that you’re absolutely OK right where you are. And always have been. You just forgot it.

From this place of Clarity, everything gets easier, you feel Calm more of the time and you build Connection with people in and out of work. From there you get more productive, more capable, more insightful and more resilient, and you’re able to achieve more than you ever could from your previous perspective.


You’ll have had glimpses of your innate state of Connection, Clarity and Calm. Think of when you get your best ideas or when you do your best thinking. Think of when you’ve been in the flow of collaborating with others. Think of when you’ve felt a deep sense of calm irrespective of what’s going on around you.

How does that feel?

People often associate these glimpses with when they’re in the shower, out for a walk, relaxing on holiday, driving, listening to background music, or ironing!

This work we do together turns these glimpses into your consistent experience of life because once you understand HOW it’s working, you access it naturally and more frequently.

This work reminds you of your existing…

Connection – build true, connected relationships with others so you and they achieve more and better together

Clarity – make decisions easily, get things done without effort, know the right thing to do or say in the moment

Calm – know that you’re OK, no matter what’s going on around you, and you always will be

Have you had a hunch that there’s a puzzle piece missing, that something about previous development hasn’t quite worked in the way you’d hoped or with the sustainability you’d expected, and maybe you seem to have some deep-rooted beliefs or behaviour patterns that just won’t shift.

If this is you and you’re ready for something different then get in touch.

You don’t need to be fixed. You are absolutely OK; you just forgot it.

I work with individuals, groups and teams.

If you’re interested it starts with a conversation so we both get to explore the possibility of working together.  This understanding is true for everyone but not everyone is ready for it so this conversation is important.  No obligation.  Just a conversation: 07718 316 616 or email.

If you’re not sure, find out more in About Me and My Services.

Developing you 1 to 1 Exec Coaching: reconnecting to your innate Clarity, Contentment and Connection
Developing groups and teams Groups and Teams: multiplying the impact of this work – the health of the top team determines the health of the business
Developing your culture Organisational Development to create the culture you want

If what you need isn’t here, get in touch to check.  If it’s not me I have a strong network full of talented people with the skills and expertise to help.