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Love-Infused, Easy Change

Oh it sounds so soft and fluffy doesn’t it! We’re so conditioned to the idea that change needs to be all about the roar and the battle and the ‘look…
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Man in red t-shirt trying to get balance on a tightrope.

I Can’t Stay Balanced

If you keep trying to balance your life, only to find it sliding back into old habits again and again, read this for the sole source of this problem. “Your mind…
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Woman with hand up in front of her, indicating no. Stop.

Peaceful Boundaries

It’s so normal to think we need to put boundaries in place to protect ourselves from something, but usually this is done from the non-peace of our thought-created ideas. Have…
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Man in a city centre leaning back, looking up, with a sense of relief.

What a relief!

You’ve been taught to find relief in the world. You’ve been taught that things, activities and people can alleviate the pressure, stress or overwhelem you feel from life. But it’s…
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Image of a copy of the book The Greatest Secret

What is The Greatest Secret?

“you are not really a person at all.  You are most certainly having the experience of being a person, but in the bigger picture it’s not who you are.”  Rhonda Byrne Well that’s just ridiculous! Of course I’m a…
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White cup full of black coffee, with 'begin' written in black capitals on the side. On a wooden table with wooden chairs.

What’s Your Fresh Start?

We have our ideas of when fresh starts should happen and what they should feel like, but what else is available when they don’t go like that? “When we start to…
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Wooden board with home sweet home written in block letters and two black hearts next to a plant

You’re Already Home

All our efforts to find that contented feeling of ‘home’ in other people, jobs, houses and, well, any ‘thing’ has been in vain. We were always home. Already. “There is always…
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Red squirrel looking alert with a nut in its mouth

Does High Performance Take Effort?

Let’s just clear up this question straight away. High performance does not take effort. High performance is your natural state. It’s what you’ve learnt that’s taken you away from it,…
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Black background, fresh white page of spiral bound notebook, and a freshly sharpened pencil

Can you make a fresh start?

Most of the self-help industry points to you being the one responsible for making fresh starts — the empowerment model. But what if something else is available? “At any moment we can…
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Gingerbread men being cut out of dough with cookie cutters

Change: Spontaneous or Cookie Cutter?

We’ve been living from the cookie-cutter mind that thinks it can copy-and-apply on repeat to make change happen, in order to be successful and happy. Is it working for you? “Copying…
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Open book and green mug in evening sun with water in the background.

Searching for Peace

This week is the beginning of a new book group and we’re reading Michael Neill’s “The Space Within”. Follow along with the blogs here which will align with the chapter(s)…
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Looking up into a tree canopy with a blue sky behind. The trees meet to create a heart shape.

Unconditional Gratitude

When you ‘do’ gratitude as a practice it’s coming from an idea of limit — that I ‘need’ to do this in order that… When you realise who you are before ideas…
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Yellow wiggly lines of light on a dark blue background

Life is Unpredictable

Find freedom in the realisation of where your experience of these words is really coming from. “I came to see the world is always as it should be, whether I oppose…
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Holding a small, growing plant in the palm of a hand

Dissolving Invisible Thought-Lids

We’re usually taught we need to work hard at overcoming limiting beliefs but what if it’s not true “Life is an endless manifestation of possibilities. When it is realised that limitation…
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