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What Do You Know — For Yourself?

In the Three Principles, and other nondual-based explorations, we often hear ‘Look and see for yourself’, ‘Don’t take my word for it’. ‘Nobody can give this to you’. But as…
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Are You Chasing Oneness?

I’ve had conversations with a few people recently where they’ve heard spiritual guides and teachers espousing the beauty of oneness experiences, and now they’re struggling with — ‘why am I…
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You’ve Never Made a Decision

To enlighten our experience of decision making it really helps to get clear on what we are actually doing when it comes to making decisions, and therefore to see that…
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I Can’t Speak My Truth

This week, a video, about why it feels so hard to speak our truth to someone. We imagine it’s ‘all their fault’ and ‘if only they were different’ when in…
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Which Wellbeing Strategy Are You Going For?

Whenever people talk about Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul”, they almost always remember the powerful metaphor he uses of the thorn. Which is your preferred thorn-strategy — build mechanisms around…
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You being you, awakens me

Huge thanks to Sarah Watts for sharing a piece with this same title, which struck me as true. And so today I’m sharing Sarah’s words, and then building on how ‘you being…
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I Love You

A poem for Valentine’s Day. And every day. I love you, she said. Really? I said? Yes. But I’m awful! Have you seen me? I say terrible things. I upset…
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I need to get out of my own way

Is this really true? Let’s unpick this common phrase to bring attention to what’s actually going on rather than giving unquestioning attention to what’s being believed. “I just need to…
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