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Deep Awakening

You’ve already begun an awakening and enlightenment exploration. You’ve had insights, realisations and recognitions. You get the theory of it. But there are aspects of life that don’t align with the truth of who you really are. This is where I help. Guiding you to see more deeply, feel more directly, and integrate who you really are throughout your life.

What do we do here?

First of all, nothing needs to change

If you’ve already had insights into your true nature, you’ll already understand why the statement “nothing needs to change” is true, and yet it can still really feel like something needs to change.

Especially emotionally. You get the theory of it. You’ve even felt it on a deep level. And had periods of living in ease and flow. And yet, some of the emotional patterns continue to play out. Some of the old conditioning seems sticky. Some experiences continue to create contraction.

And so our work is to be with it all exactly as it is. Seeing who you are directly, and seeing that what you’ve been afraid of simply wants our attention, with no need for it to change.

It is this that leads to transformation so that you are no longer afraid of your experience And it is this that you really want.

Are You Wondering Why It’s Like This?

Get your free training on the metaphor that explains all of your experiences – the River of Experience. Understanding this is the happiness, peacefulness and fulfillment you’re looking for.

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Our work is to deepen your awakening and integrate for your enlightenment.

Together we explore the seeming barriers to living the full expression of yourself.

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