Real happiness

When life still isn’t how you thought it would be by now, when happiness still seems elusive, or just when real happiness sounds like something you’re ready for, this is for you.

sun setting over a field
Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash

I used to run happiness workshops. I would teach people the difference between hedonistic happiness (the short-lived-hit type of happiness) and eudaimonic happiness (lasting wellbeing, contentment and fulfillment). Then I would teach them a bunch of things they could do to shift into eudaimonic. The kinds of things that Action for Happiness might suggest. Nothing wrong with these, perfect for that point in the journey and this isn’t all there is to it. read more

I said the wrong thing

This week’s experience of what could be counted as ‘saying the wrong thing’ gained alot of interest in my weekly newsletter. Have a read and see what you think. And if you want to subscribe to get this kind of content each week, the link’s at the bottom.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind read more

Who you were made to be

Is there a repeating pattern in your life that keeps causing you problems? This happens to us all, and the brilliance of it is to see that this could in fact be your super power, your unique flavour that you’re here to live. But it’s been misappropriated along the way. Read on and notice what occurs to you. read more

The journey to the truth

Female deer looking at the camera in amongst foliage and trees
Image credit Tyra Obryant

I’m walking along the valley floor, beautiful blue sky, sun shining. The grass is green, patches o tall, dry, yellowing stalks, and speckles of wild flowers; yellow and pink. The stream runs alongside. Mountains reaching up on both sides from the green to brown to purple up to the white-grey caps.

Uneven ground, no path, step by step, carefully over mounds and into dips, stepping with presence and attention. read more

Real security

Life is full of people telling us how to be more secure- own your own home, get life insurance, have a pension, marry someone, earn enough money… How’s it working out for you? Feeling more secure? If not, here’s why.

Picture of bride and groom's feet next to each other
Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

When I got married I felt really secure. I thought, wow! This marriage thing is really cool after-all (I’d always been a bit scared of marriage after watching my parents’ one crash and burn). I feel so different, so secure, so calm.  read more

When we know better, we do better

I heard this phrase from Oprah Winfrey, who heard it from her mentor, who no doubt heard it from someone in her life. It’s stayed with me ever since and then it came up in an exploration with a client this week. This is what we noticed.

"When we know better, we do better" Oprah Winfrey.

In my work, I explore with clients what might seem ethereal and intangible. We talk about the nature of reality, we explore who we really are behind the ideas of who we think we are. We work way upstream, before thought, in the empty but alive and rich space from which all thoughts, all ideas, all freshness comes. read more

How do we keep the best of lockdown?— this is the one solution

Isolation has lifted…is lifting…might soon be lifted. A global reverse-Mexican wave of lockdown being lightened. During this time there have been millions…billions of different experiences and lessons. Here I’d like to offer you a moment to pause and consider the ONE SINGLE THING that has been at the heart of it all. Know this and normal life will never be the same again. read more

No wonder we feel insecure

Insecurity has been thrown into the spotlight in recent weeks as Coronavirus and isolation events have brought into stark view the fact that what we’ve been pinning our wellbeing on something inherently unstable. The people, objects, incomes, processes, habits and systems we’ve been taking to be a source of security never were — so brilliant. Because now, seeing through that, we have the chance to look somewhere else for real security. read more

How change really happens

We’re not the agents of change we imagined we were and, when we come to see that more and more, change gets easier and easier.

Image of plant with quote - Change is enabled by not needing anything to change.

“Change is enabled by not needing anything to change” 

Helen Amery 

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We’ve been taught for so long that we need to be proactive go-getters, that we need to be internally motivated. That if we want things to change it’s us who needs to take control and make it happen.   read more