I Never Expected This to Be My Work

Quite frankly this is something I never thought I’d be doing! For years I resisted traditional spiritual kind of stuff. For years I dismissed what I counted as weird, wacky and woo woo. But hey! Now energy work is my work.

Here’s how this came about…

At the end of 2021 I joined a programme with a channeller, Jey Matthews. I wasn’t entirely sure why I was joining. It just seemed to make sense.

During the programme, Jey with her magical, energetic talents, activated and opened us as channels. She taught us how to tune into our higher self and to explore beliefs, past lives, soul contracts – as ways to bring our conditioned whirlpool stories into the light of understanding. As a way to end the repeating patterns in our lives. And to do this for others by tuning into them and their higher self.

To begin with I was only offering these tune-in sessions to close clients and community members, and doing them for myself too. About this same time I had also developed the capacity to offer Energy Transmissions (yes, another aspect of energy work I never expected to be doing!), and these seemed to be the priority to get out into the world. Maybe because I’d already seen the impact these had for me and my life.

Then, over time, I saw how accurate these tune ins were for those receiving them. The messages were spot on. And I saw the instant energetic impact when I was clearing energies that were ready to go. They could feel it too – and this was even though we were doing these sessions remotely. (I didn’t feel confident with face to face sessions yet!)

After over 18 months of offering these remotely, I then invited 5 community members to a live session so that I could see what that was like. And it was awesome! Especially when, in the third of these sessions, I discovered I could also receive their questions rather than just having an inner dialogue inside myself. This added a whole new level of richness and impact for the person receiving.

And so now I’m delighted to open these up to be available for more people.

And in doing so they’ve had a re-brand to Intuitive Energy Clearings. Doing what they say on the tin, with the purpose of helping you get unstuck from repeating patterns that you feel done with. Especially patterns that feel like they have deeper energetic roots that language can’t get to.

How do these work?

What happens is I drop into that quiet meditative space of awareness, set the space for us both energetically, and invite your Higher Self into the conversation. Always asking if this is in your best interests to have this conversation. And continuing to check that throughout the process.

Taking your question, or wondering, or general ‘tell me what’s here for me to see’ inwards, I’m guided towards what to ask or say, and whether to focus on beliefs, the body, a past life or soul contract, whether to integrate inner child, or offer an energy transmission. I allow it to unfold step by step. Always guided.

Sometimes it brings big emotion, and big tears of sadness or grief, which always feels perfect, beautiful and an essential part of the process.

Sometimes there is a depth of love and understanding that floods in, as though what’s been resisted till now, is finally being fully understood. Sometimes it’s insights or guidance for me to simply report back to you on, as information for you.

Sometimes I’m guided to do a transmission of loving light to help the completion and integration of what’s happened.

I now trust that what comes up and what happens is for a reason, including if I don’t understand it. I’ve learnt to trust and to share what I’m seeing and hearing. It is always perfect.

I never expected this to be my work – but I am so glad that it is.

I’ve gone through phases with this kind of spiritual, etheric stuff. From cynical and thinking it’s nonsense, to thinking its unnecessary and dismissing it because all thought is made-up stories anyway, to now having a sense that this is simply another aspect of the content, another useful tool in the enlightenment toolbox, to raise the whirlpools up into awareness to be seen, loved and understood. Sometimes they just seem too sticky, persistent, or beyond the conscious mind for us to get to them any other way.

And the capacity to do this makes perfect sense from a nondual understanding – there is no separation, there is only universal awareness, and so the less the universal awareness that we are, is identified as the limited, human mind that I’m here to be, the more access this Helen body-mind has to information outside of its everyday capacities.

It’s pretty damn cool really!!

If you’re interested in receiving an Intuitive Energy Clearing, simply go here.

And if you’re interested in Energy Transmissions, go here.

I look forward to exploring energetically with you.

Much love, Helen

PS The Wild Fig Membership Community is where I experiment with all my new things! If you want to be on the experimental edge and getting freebies of the next new thing I’m up to, you’ll want to be in there. All the membership levels are in here for you to choose from.

Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

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