Why the next month is Spiritual Enlightenment

Images of Sara Priestley, Nicola Lipscombe and Helen Amery with text saying "Join us for a journey of spiritual enlightenment in June"

Our Enlightenment Event takes its next step into June with Spiritual Enlightenment.

Which really means awakening:

Recognising the truth of who we really are. The light which truly enlightens everything. The conscious knowing of which provides a stable, grounded, contented place to live life from, and as.

This is for you if:

You’re setting our with awakening, and you want to get a feel for the lay of the land and options available

You’re already on the path and you want to deepen – knowing that every recognition of our nature is another deepening

You’re feeling destabilised by awakening and would value remembering the ground that you are.


Doors are open 30th May to the morning of 5th June.

Choose the payment level that works for you here.

And we look forward to welcoming you in.

Hear more in this short video:

With love


P.S. Any questions, email me here.

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