Who would want to hear from me?

Physical enlightenment Helen Amery

‘Who would want to hear from me?’ – this is one version of a consistent theme I hear from brilliant people! It breaks my heart!

I also hear…

I’m afraid to speak up in a group.

I don’t like engaging online in case they judge me.

What if I get it wrong?

When I’m in situations like that I freeze and don’t know what to say.

Everyone seems so eloquent and yet I ramble on.

Is this you too?

Honestly I’ve been shocked by some people I’ve been talking to in recent weeks who, outwardly, are so together, in good jobs, running businesses. But inwardly, they continue to be afraid to speak their authentic truth and share their brilliantly unique expression.

I’ve come to see that the ‘functionally traumatised’ is more common than I’ve ever realised. And I count myself in that.

On the surface we might say – my situation isn’t as bad as theirs. And absolutely, there are degrees of traumatic experience. And different ways we respond afterwards. But, in terms of physiological response and impact, trauma is trauma is trauma.

If this is you, you might resonate with what Emily’s session is here to support.

Do you feel unheard?

Like nobody listens to you?

Do you want to feel more confident in speaking up?

Do you want to drop the fear of being judged?

Would you love to feel you’re authentically expressing?

This is what Emily’s session is for at May’s Physical Enlightenment month.

Watch the vid to hear more (click here, or click the video image below).

Then, if you’re called to join us, choose the payment option you want from here.

We have three payment options on offer so you can choose the one that aligns for you.

Doors are open till the morning of 8th May – this is the day we start with our opening call and begin to connect with the body.

When you join you get access to all the content from the previous months of this programme so you get to join for May on its own, or to create your very own self-paced programme.

What people say about Emily’s sessions

“What can I say about Emily’s session?…I can feel it. Even as I think about it now, I can feel it. But putting it into words…it seems beyond that. The best I can do is say it was safe, and gentle, and profound. And so much more than that”

“Emily has a rare combination of skills, she is part therapist, part medicine woman and part psychic with a deeply embodied presence that enables her to connect to energy and intuitive information in a way that is breath-taking. I used Emily’s combination of skills to work through deeply held beliefs around worthiness and sexuality. I’ve now developed a deeper relationship with myself that has enabled me to step fully into my light and as such all areas of my life are flourishing.” Jacqui, UK

“I look forward to Emily’s membership sessions because she creates a beautiful space to share and honour myself while feeling completely supported by the community formed each season. Emily creates a sacred space where I know I am always welcome. I feel inspired and lighter after each sound toning session and love the wisdom and healing energy that Emily shares.” Abby, USA

“Emily beautifully holds the space, I feel more welcome here in this truly wonderful group of people than I have in any. She intuitively (magically!) knows just the right energy and topic to bring to each session. I can’t quite put into words how life-enhancing this has been, which greatly frustrates the wordsmith in me. But what I can say to anyone interested in joining is: don’t hesitate for a single second, sign up immediately. These sessions have become non-negotiable in my calendar. They work at a deeply subconscious level and my whole being thanks me for attending each and every time I do. In this space I get to truly embody – to really feel – what it is to be worthy, to be of value simply by being me; no trying, no pushing, no flexing for others instead gently trusting, receiving, releasing and welcoming everything in – and that is a rare and priceless thing.” Morag, UK

Would you like this magic?

Choose the payment option that’s right for you, everyone gets the same access, including access to all the content since we started in Feb.

1. I choose £333
2. I choose £177 (because I want to become a Wild Fig Community member too)
3. I choose £87

The first 10 people to join May on £333 and £177 receive a bonus, private 1:1 session with the expert of their choice.

Anna, Emily and I look forward to welcoming you in!

What do you want to ask?

Email me here, all questions, wonderings and curiosities are very welcome.

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