It’s Hard to Navigate… by Helen Amery

It’s hard to navigate

The difficulty we feel,

When our insides are crying

I don’t like it. I fear.

When the memories of past are kicking up dust

It’s easy to feel caught in the dirt and the muck.

So as feelings of failure and disappointment arose

In response

To unhappy folks

Feeling lost,

Can’t navigate.

I tuned in to myself.

I felt it all.

And loved myself,

To let me know,

It’s OK to fall.

Because although I’m grown,

Learning goes on.

It’s all part of the



Uniquely expressing


And our song.


And so this is the work.

I invite you turn towards whatever in you is kicking up dust in your experience.

Every contraction, is a doorway, for love, and enlightenment.

Much love, Helen

Would you like support with navigating your contractions and fears? While we remember that capacity in ourselves, it’s valuable to have others around us. That is what The Enlightenment Event is for. A 9 month journey which you get to curate to your needs – join the whole thing, or choose the months you want. Join us here.

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