It’s Time to Align

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What you really want is to feel the feeling of being yourself. Your aligned, authentic, natural self. So it’s time to align to that.

As someone who has increasing learnt to align my decisions with my authentic self, I wanted to share with you my experience of creating The Enlightenment Summit and Event.
Having self doubt as my companion for so long, I couldn’t hear the messages of inspiration. Or if I did, I over-worked them, perfected them, analysed them – until the doubt became too strong, all the joy had gone, or the idea limped along, or died.
Last year I took the courageous step in the Community to start a programme called The Belonging Conversation, without knowing how it would go, what the structure was, or what anyone would get from it. But – with support from valued guides – I stepped forward with trust. I moved anyway.
The divine timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect. In how it unfolded. In the cooperative components that came into play along the way. And – most significantly for me – how It supported me in transmuting the false belief that my worth and value as a person is connected to what I do and how much I earn. I so fully saw the untruth of that. It was one of the most powerful weeks of my life.
With this clarity within me, the space was created for a vision to be downloaded and I intuitively responded. I instantly felt the perfection of the moment for this Summit, and for the deeper-dive Event that would follow it.
I saw how it enabled me to present my vision for the journey of enlightenment. To be able to communicate the path with clarity, in a unique way, that removes the muddiness and confusion that can surround this process.
And all so that those who join get to do the same as I continue to deepen into – aligning within themselves, to their natural, authentic expression.
Incidentally, the divine timing of this has become even more evident as we’ve moved into 2024. Everywhere I look I’m seeing astrological messages of this being a year of putting down your childhood attachments and fears, and stepping fully into your unique self. No longer needing to check or concern yourself with whether others approve.

It’s time to be you.

It’s time to align.

With love, Helen

Do you want to feel aligned in yourself? Join The Enlightenment Event. A container of unconditional love, to journey together; realising and integrating the places you hold resistance towards yourself and your experience. Choose between the full 9 months for a fully immersive experience. Or pick and mix the months you feel drawn to. It’s all designed to bring love and light to your system so that your unique, aligned expression is revealed.

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