Introducing The Enlightenment Summit And Event

I’m so excited!

A most amazing thing is happening next year – and community members are going to get an amazing deal on it!

Watch this video as I tell you about The Enlightenment Summit and The Enlightenment Event.

An incredible creation that came as the most awesome download and which I’ve been busy creating and curating for the last two months with 12 amazing experts* in enlightenment – all designed to reveal your aligned expression.

*We’ll be name-dropping soon.

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If you want even more insider insights and benefits…

Members Get All Sorts of Bonuses

This Enlightenment Event is just one example of many bonuses Community members get.

When I have a new *thing* I’m practicing, like my Intuitive Energy Clearings – it was the Community who got to test these out first, and who got the option for a free session as I was preparing to launch them.

We have The Sanctuary Space which is going to grow in 2024 with Human Design, Gene Keys and Enneagram experts, and which currently brings Luna Gladman to the Community with her Tarot card readings.

There are spontaneous creations like The Belonging Conversation, which has been available to all members, and will continue to be until mid Jan 24 when it moves up to Level 2 access.

Plus members get 20% discount on all private sessions.

Is this what you want? To be part of an eclectic collection of ways to enlighten and include all the parts of yourself you’ve feared? And get amazing bonuses and deals and opportunities?

If it is, come and join us as a member here.

Much love, Helen

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