The Love of Heartfelt Meaning-Making

We are meaning-making machines and that capacity can either run through fearful ideas of the mind, or come straight from the heart of love. Which would you prefer more?

There is no inherent meaning in anything

So an example of fearful meaning

But then, an example of the opposite

So what now?

  1. Notice when things look bad and get curious about whether there are ideas of danger flying around inside. Not physical danger: danger to your identity, to remaining in connection with others, danger to your reputation, danger in an imagined future change, ending or beginning that hasn’t yet happened, danger of being let behind…there are many varieties it shows up as. The key thing is it looks and feels bad.
  2. And notice when things look easy, simple, obvious — even beautiful — and get curious whether there’s anything flying around inside. Or even if there is — is it being believed?
  3. Then notice moments of insight or realisation, lightbulb moments, ‘clicking into place’ moments. Notice when leaves on a step, a teabag or a sky full of stars seem to help you with that realisation. Those are the heartfelt meaning-making moments. And by the way, they do show up in both #1 and #2, it’s just easier for them to be heard or seen with #2. There’s less clutter for them to shine through.

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