You’re Already Home

Wooden board with home sweet home written in block letters and two black hearts next to a plant

All our efforts to find that contented feeling of ‘home’ in other people, jobs, houses and, well, any ‘thing’ has been in vain. We were always home. Already.

“There is always nowhere to go. You are already home. You are always already home.” Ramana Maharshi

How strange to be diverging from the pattern of these recent posts about The Space Within by not using a Michael quote to start today’s post — and the last one for this book too! But this quote at the start of Chapter 9 is so simply true.

Even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Even in the greatest anger. Even in the most profound feelings of lostness or aloneness we are still at home. Always are and always have been. We’ve just not been shown what home is, so how could we know we never left?

Home is where the heart is, we say. Thinking that our physical building called home needs to be the place where we feel most OK.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say the heart is where home is, because this work drops us out of the concepts and ideas of the head and back into our hearts. Not the physical heart, but the metaphorical heart, sometimes felt as a swelling feeling in our chests when we’re in a moment of deep love and connection.

We find we naturally hang out as this space of heart-ful-home-ness, the more we recognise that these good feelings of love, contentment, and at-home come from within, and not from ‘out there’.

No person, object, job or house has ever ‘given’ you those beautiful feelings. You’ve always felt the OK-ness of your Self in the absence of sandbank thoughts.

It feels good to be fully our Self.

The more you see this, the more you see that problems don’t exist out there. Problems and the appearance of the sandbank are the same thing.

Michael says it like this “our only real problem is feeling cut off from our innate wisdom and wellbeing. And the moment we reconnect to that source energy, our problems stop being so problematic and we move into a new reality.”

And even in that feeling of ‘cut off’, you’re still at home. The sandbank has just appeared in the space of who you really are and is creating an idea of limit and a feeling of ‘something’s wrong’. But you’re still home. Already and always.

“If we think that happiness resides in sensations or states, our happiness will always be coming and going.” Rupert Spira

Look to what doesn’t come and go. Look to what is constant and always present. You’ll find there is only one thing.

With love, Helen

This is the last week of the Brilliance Book Group where we’ve been reading Michael Neill ‘s “The Space Within”. If you’d like to join the next group, we’re reading The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Find out more and book on here.

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