Loss : how it’s essential

Loss is essential. Only through loss can something new flow in.

A thought. Dropped in a moment. New insight coming in.

A definite idea of a plan. Loosened and let go of, even the slightest gap. Innovation of something better appears.

The right-ness of a position, held with resistance to any other possibility. Tightness and rigidity stopping life. Then the loss of an idea of a me who needs to be right and immediately curiosity is here to how that could also be an option.

An idea of a person who ‘always’ behaves like this. Now held lightly. Allowing space to see and hear the person who’s actually in front of you. Showing you something new you’d never seen in them before.

A job gone. New opportunities appear.

A friend no longer a friend. But another ‘more right for now’ to take their place. Or maybe a ‘no friend’ state exactly as needed in this moment.

A loved one. Lost to this life. Sadness prevails. But growth and wisdom emerge in the ever-present light. Always guiding us.

We don’t get emergence of new without loss.

There’s no space for new without letting go, surrendering, allowing. In this moment. And the next. And the next.

Our mind can’t bear this idea of loss. The uncertain transience of life that directly confronts its worst fears of its own transience.

Control and certainty must be guaranteed, it says. Stabilise the transience. Make the change stop. Stem the losses.

Not true.

When “it”, the mind, is seen for what it is – itself just a creation of thought – and when awareness is pointed to the fact that life continues even amidst the mind’s story-storm of danger and threat, then the mind’s grip can loosen. Those thoughts can begin to see something else is running the show. Always has been. And “it” was never it.

Then we relax into life, space is created, new flows in. Freedom is here.

The loss of this mind is the most freeing opportunity of all.

I coach and guide smart, passionate, curious people who care about improving the lives of those around them. Often coaches and leaders, they’ve worked hard all their lives to be the ‘best’ them and it doesn’t seem to have delivered the happiness, security or freedom they expected. Now they’re wondering what else is available. I guide you back, prior to stories, to remember the real you because that’s what you, me and the whole world really wants! Find out more here.

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