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Developing you

1 to 1 Exec Coaching


Coaching’s one of the most effective and sustainable forms of leadership development because it’s tailored to you.  It’s your chance to stop.  Examine what’s going on.  Raise your awareness to the reality.  And then make choices so that you feel empowered and in control as you move forward.  All of this with me alongside you, listening with the sort of attention you don’t get in the rest of your life, encouraging and challenging you.  Committed to you and your learning.

My clients have found benefits like reduced stresses and frustrations, improved interactions with others, improved decision-making – all of which have a positive impact on your team and therefore on business results.

And if all that wasn’t enough, studies have shown the Return on Investment for Executive Coaching.

What it’s like when you work with me

When I work with you we go on a journey that we travel together. I help you get really clear on where you want to go and, as we set off, it’s like you’re driving at night. All you can see is the little bit of road that’s right in front of you. As your navigator or co-pilot I remind you about where you want to get to, as well as helping you navigate this bit of road right here. I help you spot fallen trees so you can choose a different route, or a different vehicle to get over them. And sometimes we’ll go back to look at a pothole in the road you’ve already travelled to see if, or how much, it’s affecting your driving. You are always the driver.

When we work together you have three options and you can pick and mix from these to suit you:

Standard Coaching : Away from the office to free up your thinking, we have two-hour sessions to enable you to fully explore what you want to change.

Walking Coaching : Walking in a wood, near a lake, or another similar nature-filled place, and where we can stop for a while in a café.  Being in nature calms your mind which enables your powerful subconscious to help you think things through.

Yoga and Coaching : For the ultimate in a calming coaching experience and to balance your wellbeing.  Starting with 45 minutes of gentle, grounding “back to basics” yoga with expert yoga teacher Sally Upton in a beautiful studio in the heart of the Charnwood area.  This can be one-to-one with you and Sally, or all three of us.  (By the way, please don’t believe you need to be flexible for this.  I’m not!  Sally is great at making yoga work for all abilities.)  After this, we take a short walk to the Rothley Court coffee lounge for our two hour coaching session.

 My coaching’s not :

  • A formulaic “5 steps to success” process.
  • Linear.
  • A miracle magic wand.

Because nothing is!  We just like to convince ourselves there’s a magic silver bullet because our brains like that simplicity and certainty – but so much more becomes possible when we’re open to the belief that there are aspects of life we can’t control.

My coaching is :

  • Collaborative – I work alongside you to explore your goals and ways to get there
  • Systemic – I work with you as a whole person who has influence over and is influenced by those around you
  • Bespoke – everybody is unique and my coaching is tailored to meet your individual needs
  • I listen and ask (more than tell or advise) so that you grow more.
  • I offer tools and exercises to help you explore your reality.
  • I share theories and insights about leadership and about your brain to provide a framework or spring board for greater insight.
  • I enable your changes to be sustained in the long-term by getting to the root of the situation.

My Approach

These are the basic elements of my coaching conversations. They’re interlinked because they don’t always follow a linear path.

The Basic Coaching Conversation

Basic Coaching Conversation

We’ll cover these basic elements many times, in pursuit of your big goal so that your overall journey will look something like this:

The Journey

The Journey

Developing your culture

Developing your Culture through Purpose and Values


We’re no longer in an industrialised age.  Businesses will fail if they rely on employees blindly following the boss’s orders.  The increased pace of change and reduced layers of management mean your leaders will burnout if they keep trying to manage and control everything.

Today, employees want more from work, they expect to be more involved, they want to make a difference and they want to be led and developed – not managed and controlled.

Getting clear on your organisation’s Purpose and Values, and envisioning the Culture you want, provide an anchor as you evolve to the kind of business you want to be.

How do you want it to feel in your organisation?

What it’s like when you work with me

We’ll start with understanding where things are today, explore and decide where you want to get to, and then figure out how you want to get to that place.

Through our conversations we agree the plan for your business. This might include:

  • Focus Groups, 360 Feedback or Surveys to find out where things are now.
  • Facilitated workshops using a variety of approaches such as Design Thinking or Appreciative Inquiry to decide where you want to be.
  • Practical interventions such as Leadership development, Team Coaching or Team Development to get you where you want to be.

My goal is to for you to independently lead your business into the future.

My Approach

I combine my experience as a Facilitator, Trainer and Executive Coach with an eclectic toolkit of methods and approaches.  You can see more about these here.

Developing your leaders

Becoming a Coaching Leader

Developing your Emotional Intelligence

Engaging and Motivating Your Team

Making Brilliant Performance a Reality


42% of employees leave a business because of their boss. That’s a huge cost in recruiting and training new staff, to then have to start all over again.

How much could you save if your managers had a different impact on their teams?

Great leaders inspire, motivate, support, engage, challenge and develop others. Grounded in an awareness of who they are themselves – embracing their strengths and their flaws – great leaders also have awareness of others and adapt to get the best from them.

What it’s like when you work with me

I work with you to understand where you are now and what you need from your leaders.

Together we agree what the development will include, tailored to your business, which I then design and deliver for you. 

Topics might be:

  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Becoming a Coaching Leader
  • Engaging and Motivating Your Team
  • Making Brilliant Performance a Reality

Or a full leadership development programme.

My Approach

My approach to Leadership Development is facilitative and interactive. The discussions and debates we have enable learners to transfer theories and models into their own world.