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Great leaders inspire, motivate, support, engage, challenge and develop others. Grounded in an awareness of who they really are.

You know those people you meet who seem so deeply OK in themselves.  Those people who connect at a human level – and who are also commercially astute. People who seem calm and resourceful no matter what.  This is what’s available.

What it’s like when you work with me

I listen, I ask, I challenge, I teach.

You talk about what’s happening for you and we use that to explore what else is going on.

I invite you to look at what’s already going on that you’ve not been encouraged to look at before.

Through exploring your own direct experience, realisations occur and limitations fall away.

Unlike most coaching or development where you leave a session with practices, tools or approaches (things to do or apply) in this work you just need commitment, curiosity and open-mindedness.

It is through curiosity about your experience that you begin to see the truth of your human system and how it works.  Instead of “applying” tools you’ll be noticing “insights”.

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Developing you: one-to-one coaching

We work over Zoom in my four-month programme.

Given we’ve been living for so long in the Content of experience, this programme provides a frequent nudge to turn 180 degrees and explore the Mechanics.

The flow of our work is:

Session 1: we understand your reality and I introduce the foundations of how our psychological system works.

Sessions 2 to 8: We work weekly for 3 sessions, then fortnightly for 4. 1 hour each. In each we use the Content of your experience to see the Mechanics in action. This is what enables insights – where you see this for yourself.

Session 9: One month later, we reconnect to recognise the impact of the insights in your life.

You get:

  • An understanding of how your psychological system works
  • Insights where you see this in action in your own life
  • Natural shifts and changes as you begin to work in alignment with the natural system
  • An experience of grounded fulfilment, security and success

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Developing groups and teams: immersion programme

I work with you to understand where you are now and what you need from your team, or group, of leaders.  If we agree to go ahead, programmes are based on this three-stage journey.

  1. Where things are now – calls with each member of the group or team to get to know them, learn about current challenges and opportunities, and establish where each team member is on their development journey.
  2. Three day immersion – starting with education and discussion to establish a grounding in this understanding of the mind, the third day is used to work on a real business challenge through the new insights that have been gained.
  3. Embed your shifts – an agreed combination of 1:1 calls and half-day reconnection workshops to enhance the impact of the work.

We use this basic framework to agree a programme that works for you and gets the impact you need.

Get in touch so we can talk and see if this is right for you.

Developing your culture

Why developing culture matters

We’re no longer in an industrialised age.  Businesses will fail if they rely on employees blindly following the boss’s orders.  The increased pace of change and reduced layers of management mean your leaders will burnout if they keep trying to manage and control everything.

Today, employees want more from work, they expect to be more involved, they want to make a difference and they want to be led and developed – not managed and controlled.

Getting clear on your organisation’s Purpose and Values, and envisioning the Culture you want, provide an anchor as you evolve to the kind of business you want to be.

How do you want it to feel in your organisation?

How we work together

It begins with you and your leadership team gaining this new understanding of how the mind works.

Once things have shifted for you, we can begin to explore the culture you want.

However, with your new understanding, you might just find the culture begins to take care of itself.  Cultures are created through conversations, relationships and habits and your new levels of clarity, contentment and connection will already have begun to make a difference here.

If there is more you need, I combine my experience as a Facilitator, Trainer and Executive Coach with an eclectic toolkit of methods and approaches.  Find out more about these here.

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