Do you want to be right, or free?

Seagull soaring in beautiful mid blue sky

A poem for your liberation.


You say you want free.

But do you dare step

Out of the comfort

Of repeating known hurts?


You say you want free.

But do you dare let

Go of the ‘right’

You’ve been taught to hold tight?


You say you want free.

But are you committed?

Will you walk with focus

Till ‘free’ is remitted?


You say you want free.

Oh you do!

Your heart sings!

It’s been awaiting this day

To walk back to unknown.

To walk back to yourself.

To walk back to home.


Laying down what is not you.

Setting down what is false.

Forsaking the need to be right

At all costs.


When you choose the desire to be free

Over right,

The whole world rejoices

We get you back

So right.


With love, Helen


Do you want to be free?

In the Wild Fig Community we’re starting a journey of the liberation of you

Actively clearing what is not you, what is false, what is learnt.

The imperative in me, to support you in this process, is strong.

I want to work with you, to free you back to your rightful, natural self.

If you want to choose free, over right, I’d love you to join us.

We start on the 27th May, with a call on the 17th to explain it all, where I’ll share the plan for the first programme of liberation.

All members will get to choose into this, so join here on whichever level of membership you want.

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