Are You Tired of Limitations?

Man in shadows holding onto prison bars at window, with white dove flying outside

A few times recently people have been on the receiving end of a frustrated energy from me around their whirlpool situation. People who I care about, and who I’ve seen spinning round and round the seemingly same loop so many times.

It’s surprised me, as much as it’s surprised them, this frustration. But it feels like a healthy impetus from life to say ‘Stop it! No more.’

It felt like that same impetus came into my life at the beginning of this year – really forcing me to go deeper with energetic clearing. To go deeper into those roots. A readiness of ‘Stop it. I’m done with this. No more.’

The forcefulness of life that cares so deeply, that it says no. No more of this limitation. No more of this BS illusion that you think you can’t. No more of this holding back. Playing small. Not speaking your authentic truth. Buying into stories. 

Stories which get repeated because the system that holds them believe they are life saving.

They were life saving. Or at least life maximising. Once.

But their time passed and we never cleaned house.

So what delight that life forces that upon us and make us stop to clean up. Including through a loving frustration – Stop it! No more.

What limitation in your life does ‘Stop it! No more.’ vibe with?

What are you now bored of hearing and seeing yourself repeat on loop?

What are you so done with?

This is the perfect fertile ground for change. Grab that thing up and bring it to The Bitesize Enlightenment Event (info below).

Let’s open the cracks and let the light flow in.

Let’s breathe space into what seems closed and contracted.

Let’s open up to possibilities not yet known.

If you’re up for this, I would love to see you there.
Much love, Helen


P.S. This post was originally written ahead of a 3-day masterclass The Bitesize Enlightenment Event – which is now available in The Wild Fig Community on Level 2 and above.

In the masterclass I share practical inquiries you can *do* in your life too. 

It’s perfect for you…

If you care about uprooting patterns rather than cutting off the leaves again and again.

If you care about deepening into increasing light, ease and flow.

And – importantly – if you care about – and are willing to – let go of what you think you know about yourself. So that something fresh and aligned can be birthed.

A yes to all of this means it’s perfect for you.

Become a Wild Fig Community member here.

Each day I the enough context so you know what we’re doing and why, but my main interest is for you to be in practical inquiries with your own life experience. (No requirement to share personal info on the call if you don’t want to.)

We’ll be inquiring, being with, bringing presence to.

So that what has seemed like a block, issue or problem can open into something beautiful, fresh and enlightening.

Day 1 – Introduction and Make it Visible
Day 2 – Psychological and Emotional Enlightenment
Day 3 – Physical Enlightenment

Become a member here to join us.


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