My Measure of Success – What’s Yours?

Weed in earth being removed with a hoe
My measure of success is to check – ‘is my life changing?’

Or more accurately – ‘is my experience of life changing?’

Because in reality, my world is much the same as it was five or six years ago. Same husband, same kids, same house, same job, same wider family and levels of interaction, same kind of income level.

But my *experience* of it all is so different.

It’s lighter, easier, and more flowing. It’s absent of pressure, stress, and irritations.

Life continues to present me with things I would like to be different, but that ‘different’ isn’t laced with ‘because this right now is terrible’ nor is it laced with ‘because I need it to be like that over there’. It’s simply a desire for different, as an expression of the continuous growth and evolution we’re designed for. 

I’ve tried chasing numbers and money to get a better life. I’ve tried chasing outward ‘success’ or external validation. I’ve tried having the ‘right’ kind of people in my world.

And it’s all futile, hollow and meaningless – unless it’s first laced with, and cleanly expressed as, our natural light and aliveness.

This is an ongoing journey.

I don’t sit here saying ‘I’m done’. I sit here with a love for the ever-deepening into that. Ever lighter. Ever more clean.

Because then our natural capacity to manifest our desires happens with that same lightness, ease and flow of our nature. All in alignment. 

The work along the way has been a huge eclectic toolkit of inquiries, methodologies and approaches. All underpinned by the purpose of bringing presence to what isn’t aligned.

Because I love to take action. I love to *do* something to clear and clean the system of whirlpools.

It wasn’t enough for me to say ‘this too shall pass’. It wasn’t enough to just ease off and wait to come back to centre. I wanted these patterns uprooted and cleared to the great compost heap of the universe.

I have never been interested in cutting the leaves off, only for them to re-shoot again later.

How about you?

Are you a ‘cut the leaves off’ or a ‘get to the roots’ kind of person?

And how do you measure success in your spiritual journey?

Much love, Helen

P.S. This post was originally written ahead of a 3-day masterclass The Bitesize Enlightenment Event – which is now available in The Wild Fig Community on Level 2 and above.

In the masterclass I share practical inquiries you can *do* in your life too. 

It’s perfect for you…

If you care about uprooting patterns rather than cutting off the leaves again and again.

If you care about deepening into increasing light, ease and flow.

And – importantly – if you care about – and are willing to – let go of what you think you know about yourself. So that something fresh and aligned can be birthed.

A yes to all of this means it’s perfect for you.

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Each day I the enough context so you know what we’re doing and why, but my main interest is for you to be in practical inquiries with your own life experience. (No requirement to share personal info on the call if you don’t want to.)

We’ll be inquiring, being with, bringing presence to.

So that what has seemed like a block, issue or problem can open into something beautiful, fresh and enlightening.

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