Do Repeating Patterns Just Keep Repeating?

When we believe that mindset and our thinking is all there is to changing behaviour and changing our experience, it can feel disappointing to see the same pattern return again, and again…and again. But it is perfect. It’s inviting you deeper.

But I thought I’d seen through this one!

Last week I wrote about how I’ve come to realise that the Resolution of Repeating Patterns is, and always has been, a core thread through my work. All with the intention of living in the feeling of greater alignment.

It’s a thread that has gone deeper and deeper over the years, and which is what we’re all invited into — if the surface stuff isn’t cutting it.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a wonderful person who said the very phrase that I remember saying.

“But I thought I’d seen through this one”

When we begin a developmental or spiritual exploration (which often starts with a focus on the psychological, or mindset aspects of experience) we believe that

“once I’ve sorted my thinking out this repeating pattern will be gone.”

I thought that when I was working from a psychological standpoint.

I thought that when I was working from a Three Principles standpoint — albeit the thinking didn’t now need to be fixed or changed. So that was a bonus!

And then these patterns came round again, and again…and again! How many times do I have to ‘see’ this?! How much more aware of this pattern can I become?!!

“I thought I’d seen through this one!”

And so the invitation arrives to go deeper.

Into the feelings and emotions. Into the body. Certainly into the spiritual. And sometimes into the etheric and energetic.

Now not with a need for them to go. Instead explored entirely from the standpoint of love, understanding, inclusion and integration.

They are already who you are. All they want is to stop being rejected.

Much love, Helen

Are you continuing to suffer in repeating patterns of experience? Ones that you thought you’d seen through. Ones that you’re really done with. Then book a call for us to meet.

There are many ways for us to work together, and a call helps you feel what’s best for you.

I look forward to meeting you.

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