Energy Transmissions

Supporting your awakening and enlightenment at the depths that language can’t get to. 
Choose one session, or a block of six.

What are Energy Transmissions?

Energy Transmissions are the focusing of energy into your physical system to support the awakening and enlightenment process.

Often people ask if it’s like Reiki – which is a yes and no.

Yes because there is a transmission of energy in both approaches.

No because with transmissions I bring the energy directly into your physical system, without it channelling through mine first.

We set an intention for the session and the intelligence of the energy soaks into your system for your highest good.

In this video I tell you about energy transmissions which I offer to support your awakening and enlightenment.

This is something I never thought I’d be doing – and yet here I am!

Fundamentally energy transmissions get to before the mind and beyond language, where conversations simply can’t reach.

By the way, my cat Portia joins us during this video but – just so you know – she isn’t in the room with me for transmissions! As you’ll see – that would make it a bit distracting.

Why would you have Transmissions?

1. Because you’re done with recurring patterns of thought and and feeling. And you’re also done with talking about them! You want something that will get to before the mind.

2. Because you want to boost your conversation-based sessions. You still have aspects of experience you want to explore with inquiry, but you know transmissions will support this more powerfully than language alone.

3. Because you just love to receive energy to support the physical system with its upgrades and alignments.

This is perfect for you if

  • You’ve been exploring nonduality for a while and you’re ready to work at a deeper level.
  • You’re done with talking, exploring and inquiring.
  • You’re fascinated by the different energetic solutions that support us.
  • You want to have awakening and/or enlightenment conversations with me and you feel this would boost that experience.

Before you go further

Did you know you get 20% off Energy Transmissions in the Wild Fig Community?

It’s really worth joining if you want to be a member and get this.

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What others say…

Transmissions have been a great experience for me. I hadn’t ever done anything like this previously.

When I have them it feels like I’m going into a spa to have a treatment. Sometimes tears come. Sometimes I feel wonderful. Sometimes I feel energised and excited.

It’s worked really well having these alongside coaching conversations with Helen. The transmissions are really helping me on my journey and I can really see the benefits from them so I’d recommend them. I’ll be continuing with them!”

(You can watch Clare’s full testimonial here.)

Clare, Recruitment Pro

When Helen began to offer these things she called ’Transmissions’ I was a bit unsure. But I was most definitely up for anything to help me further explore and immerse myself in this non-dual journey I had found myself on, whilst continuing to  deepen my grounding in who I really am.
I have experienced her transmissions both personally and as part of a group. A big grin is now appearing on my face as I type! Words can’t really describe the effects, and they weren’t instant. But the days following the transmission I became increasingly settled in myself, less burdened by stuff, my mind was  quieter for longer periods. All sorts of ’shitty-ness’ from the past began to reveal itself but with less attachment to the content and without the normal compulsion to bat it speedily away with the usual tone of resentment.
I would definitely recommend booking in for a transmission with Helen… It will be the beginning of an amazing (although a little bumpy at times!) journey with her.

Jacquie, Coach

I’ve had a number of transmissions from Helen, to help with ongoing lightening of conditioning since awakening, and I’ve felt the benefit of balancing and clearing from the beautiful transmissions. I love Helen’s ability to tune in to higher guidance and share from a deep embodiment of Truth.
These aren’t something you come to with a need to know how they work, because I don’t think anyone could really explain that. But what I’ve seen is that by coming with an open heart and an open mind the transmission does exactly what it needs to do on the day you receive it. Each time is unique and that seems to be beyond anything we could figure out mentally for ourselves.
I highly recommend you talk to Helen about these if you’re feeling a draw towards them.

Nicky, Coach and Spiritual Guide

How do I book in?

Step 1

Read the Transmission FAQs further down this page to make sure you’re ready and have checked in with yourself about going ahead. You need to  message or email me to confirm you’ve read the FAQs before we start.

Step 2

Book your 30-minute Taster – If you’ve not had transmissions with me before, book your Taster Session here.

Step 3

Choose which option you want:

1. One 30-minute Transmission Session – Click the Book Now button. This will take you through the payment process and get you all the info you need. These sessions include some conversation first to check in on how you are, and to clarify any intentions.

2. Six 30-minute Transmission Sessions – Click the Book Now button and choose the ‘Six Sessions’ option at the top. This will take you through the payment process and get you all the info you need. These sessions include some conversation first to check in on how you are, and to clarify any intentions.

3. One Hour Session: Conversation + Transmission – Choose between an Awakening or an Enlightenment Conversation session and we’ll spend the last 15 to 30 minutes of the hour in Transmission. Want more? Book a block of six for discounted rates. Go to Awakening Conversations or Enlightenment Conversations and click Book Now, then select the Six Sessions option at the top.

4. Unsure? – Book a Discovery Call so we can talk and find out what feels right for you, right now.

Did you know there’s a discounted members’ rate for Transmissions within the Wild Fig Community?

Book a Discovery Call if you like the look of the Community and want to talk about the benefit of being in there alongside your Energy Transmissions.

If money seems a barrier to progressing, please book a call so we can talk. I have various options to suit different budgets.

I look forward to working with you!

Ready for Deepening and Integrating?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you have a transmission you need to read these FAQs and then message or email me to confirm you have done that.

**Now you’ve read this – message or email me to confirm you have done that so that we can go ahead with your first transmission.**

I look forward to meeting you.