Awakening Conversations

Awakening Conversations are for you to deeply recognise your essential nature. The only reliable, constant space of contentment, peace and fulfilment.

Choose from one session, or a block of six.

What Is Awakening?

Different people use the term ‘awakening’ differently.

For me it means the direct recognition of your essential nature, and being familiar with what that essential nature is like.

Watch this to find out more about what awakening is, and why this recognition is so fundamental to your journey.

Awakening Conversations are perfect for you if:

  • You want to read The Complete Book of Awakening with me as your personal guide alongside you. The book is the basis for our conversations.
  • You know you’ve seen something about your essential nature, but you want to feel more grounded and sure-footed  in that knowing.
  • You’ve worked with other guides, or you’ve already read The Complete Book of Awakening, but you feel there’s more to see.
  • You’ve had awakening conversations with me before, and you want a reconnecting boost.

Before you go further

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What others say…

“Helen is a space holder, an intuitive, a skilled questioner and a loving guide. She has been instrumental in guiding me to a space of deeper knowing and experience of who I am.”

Nicola, Keynote Speaker

“She certainly lives this understanding. Helen is the single most significant thing that has opened up a whole vista of understanding and effectiveness for me. It has been a pleasure and delight to work with her and explore the essence of our true nature beyond the mind.”

Frank, Transformational Coach

“I started working with Helen as I had a desire to live differently and a more fulfilled, peaceful life. I had a very little idea about what I was signing up to! I’ve never experienced such deep, transformative work before, even during therapy.”

Sara, Coach and Facilitator

The Complete Book of Awakening Is Our Guide

The Complete Book of Awakening is the basis for all Awakening Conversations with me – so if you loved the book, or you’re keen to read it, with me as your personal guide – and you want to awaken more deeply – then these private Awakening Conversations are for you.

The book provides the structure and flow for our conversations.

Our conversation is where the magic happens.

How do I book in?

For Awakening Conversations

Click the Book Now button and choose either one session, or a block of six. This will take you through the payment process and all the info you need will be sent to your inbox. (Be sure to check your junk if nothing arrives within 5 minutes.) Note – I recommend at least 6 sessions to work through The Complete Book of Awakening together.

For Awakening Conversations + Community

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Benefits of booking 6 sessions or more:
* one month free access to the Wild Fig Community
* 20% off our conversations.

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If money seems a barrier to progressing, please book a call anyway so we can talk. I have various options to suit different budgets.

I look forward to working with you!

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