Which Stage Are You At?

I didn’t used to believe in stages of the journey. I thought that was just humans making up stories about something they wanted to make a pattern with. We’re so good at creating patterns from nothing! And to some extent, it is that. No two journeys will be exactly the same. But there are maps of stages or phases that accurately represent the broad direction of travel, and the general trajectory, which can be shared with travellers coming along later, so they don’t have to wander so blindly in the dark. These maps can really help us by reflecting back the stage we’re at so that we go “Oh yes! That’s where I am”

It’s why Sara and I laid the map of awakening out so clearly in The Complete Book of Awakening, and I expect we’ll create a similarly clear map for The Complete Book of Enlightenment (not started yet BTW…lots of good stuff still being created for TCBOA – hop over there to be kept more up to date with what’s happening in that world.)

So, given all this about maps and stages, I loved it when a dear community member shared this post from Nicky Clinch and said “I think you help people with Phase 3, the dark night of the soul” – and wow! What a strong resonance of “OMG yes!”. And then that strong resonance again when I saw what Nicky had specifically written for her Phase 3. Go to the post to see it all, but I think it’s safe to say it is one of the toughest phases to move through and one I deeply value being with people for.

I love being able to remind you of the solid ground of your being, and I love providing the reliable reminder of the OK-ness and perfection of everything that’s happening. And, best of all, I love bringing unconditional love and understanding to the aspects of you that have been pushed down, shut away, suppressed, denied and avoided. These aspects which we can’t even see or know are there until the veil is lifted and it’s brought into view.

And this is why this phase can be so tough.

As Nicky says in her post, there comes a point when “it feels worse than ever before, because you are now conscious of it, yet can’t escape, and you can’t hide or run away.”

In fact, do you know Michael Neill’s analogy of us being a diamond, that we imagine has been covered in horse poop, and then we’ve spent our lives trying to cover the poop with nail varnish? Do you know that one?

In that analogy, Nicky’s Phase 1 is the recognition of the diamond, Phase 2 is revelling in the brilliance and bliss of that, and then Phase 3 is the realisation that the poop is still there!

And so the perfection – oh the perfection!when another dear community member said “it’s like I’ve run out of nail varnish and there’s no motivation to get more. I’m just having to look at the s*^t.”

It’s exactly like that.

And wow the difference it makes to have at least one person alongside you who’s got the map, has walked the path, and can be with you while you walk yours.

It helps you stay grounded.

It helps you ride the oscillation with more ease.

It helps you release and relax by knowing you’re safe in the process.

So what’s this like for you just now? Does this resonate with your experience? Are you at Phase 3 on the path? Do you want to have me alongside you to help you stay grounded, and to help you feel safe as you move through the oscillations with greater ease?

If you want this, I would love to meet you.

I have three ways to support you, and the best way to decide which is for you is for us to have a call.

Is this resonating for you? Book your call here.

I look forward to meeting you.

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