What You Resist Persists: a guided visualised constellation

On Monday, at our community birthday celebrations, Pip did a guided visualised constellation with us all — have you ever done one of these? I never had and it was great!

It was on the topic of “what you resists persists” — that classic spiritual saying, which really is 100% true. I’ve never found a single exception — no matter how much my ego would have preferred to project the blame onto someone or something out there.

The process brought up all sorts of fascinating and varying experiences in the group, including being provided with real-life there-and-then versions of what was being resisted, including it being deeply moving, including surprises that the mind could never have predicted.

It was so good, that Pip and I decided we would love to share it with you too.

You don’t need to do any prep, the video includes all the context that Pip set for us all, as well as the guided visualisation itself.

What you don’t get is the insights and reflections afterwards, or Pip’s responses to that, as we’ve kept that private within the community.

So, if you want to talk to Pip, arrange a call with her here.

Now, here’s Pip, and the guided visualisation to explore what you are resisting that is creating a persisting and repeating pattern.

With peace, love and joy; Helen and Pip

P.S. If you love this and feel deeply drawn to being part of more constellations for your enlightenment.

If you want to feel free from repeating patterns of resistance.

Drop a comment, or emailto tell us you’re interested in the Constellations Circle starting 16th October.

We’ll make sure you’re the first to get the sign-up links when they’re ready.

P.P.S. Do you feel like you can’t get your head around constellations? This is very normal. Really truly because they need to be experienced. So here are two things to check out.

  1. Pip telling you more about what they are.
  2. This real-life experience of doing an inner constellation.

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