Morphic Resonance and Constellations

swallows flying near rocks

It’s Pip here, sharing more insights and information after the change in plans from doing the Conscious Parenting Programme. I’m pleased to be here to tell you more about why Constellations matter so much to me, and why they’re such a powerful tool for enlightenment – bringing light and love to what has been hidden.

As a nature obsessive, I still squeal like a little kid as the swallows, swift and martins dive about the sky in summer, seemingly completely unperturbed by the presence of humans. Watching them dart about with such precision leaves me so awestruck it brings tears to my eyes.

Did you know that when a young swift leaves its nest, at just a few months old, it doesn’t land again for 2 years, heading straight from Europe, thousands of miles, to Africa without looking back!

This seemingly miraculous undertaking was so unthinkable that, before the age of technology, it was genuinely considered more logical that swifts spent winter under water, transformed into fish!

Why am I sharing my love of these phenomenal creatures here? Because their behaviour is the perfect example of morphic resonance – the science upon which the process of Constellations is built.

Rupert Sheldrake, a huge hero of mine, coined the phrase morphic resonance and shares many wonderful online resources for you to learn more if your interest is peaked. Simply put, it is the theory that memory is inherent in nature and that individuals both draw upon and contribute to the collective memory of the species.

Constellations is the quickest and simplest way I know of connecting to the vast wisdom, insight and LOVE of our collective field of morphic resonance and checking out what collective memories we have inherited, and therefore what we are likely to be contributing to the ongoing collective consciousness.

In this way Constellating doesn’t fix, heal or cure anything at all. It offers awareness of something previously unseen, and with awareness comes choice.

It is simply a process of REALLY seeing and feeling everything just as it is, or as it was, with eyes and heart wide open.

It is also a process of having the courage to only carry what is yours and allowing others to carry what is theirs, with love and respect.

Bringing Morphic Resonance to Wild Fig

Given this, I’m bringing my love of, and the impact of, Constellations to Wild Fig this autumn. I will be running monthly Constellations Circles online in a special, private space in the Wild Fig Community.

This means you don’t have to be an existing Wild Fig member to join the Constellations Circles. We’ll have our own private space, with access only for those who sign up. Think of it like a private dining room in a stately home full of other delightful offerings.

There will be 10 sessions in which we will cover all manner of topics – these topics will be anything that is a repeating pattern in your relationships. And the constellations process will then unlock the joy, love, peace, acceptance, and possibility that wants to flow.

We would love there to be a core group of around 8-10 people who want to attend the majority of sessions. This supports the power of the practice as it builds a strength of relationship, and therefore ability to hold greater insights and bigger shifts.

Then we expect there’ll be others who are fluid and who flow in and out as the inspiration strikes in any particular month.

All who join are perfectly aligned to do so at the time and frequency for them. No right or wrong. What matters is what feels right for you.

If you’re interested, click reply and tell us you want in. Then, when we get the sign-up link organised, we’ll get it to you first.

If you’ve got questions, please also reply so Helen or I can help.

Constellation Circles will run for 2 hours monthly on Thursday evening from 7-9pm (UK time)

Dates are:  19-Oct / 16 Nov / 14-Dec / 11-Jan / 8-Feb / 7-Mar / 4-Apr / 2-May / 30-May / 27-June

How a Constellation Circle works…

We will start with a check in to hear everyone’s voices to start to build our connection as a group.
We will complete a constellation for a group member, that I will have already spoken to in depth in a pre-meeting
We will take a break
We will return and review, in smaller groups, what we saw, felt, remembered, learnt for ourselves
We will gather these insights together and see if there are any wider insights coming through

Are you interested?

Do you want to resolve repeating patterns?
Do you want to understand family dynamics that are keeping you feeling trapped?
Do you want love to flow more easily in your experience?

Click reply to tell us you’re interested.

Then when we have the sign-up link you’ll be the first to know.

With peace, love and joy; Pip

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