How to Live a Guided Life

I thought I was going to be running a six month programme on Conscious Parenting…until… Read and watch for what living a guided life looks like behind the scenes.

Here’s the backstory…In November ‘22 I was at a health spa with a good friend and I’d already received the idea to run a parenting programme. As I lay on the comfy chair, in the cosy room, I tuned in to receive guidance for its design.

This was when I heard the guidance to involve my friend, colleague, and client, Pip Bray, in the process. I was shown that the programme was to be an alternating journey; with an inquiry and exploration session with me followed by a constellation session on that same theme with Pip. Each month a new theme. Each month a deepening into the knowing of the Conscious Parents we are.

Pip and I met frequently from February to June, getting clear about the purpose, who it was for, refining its design, giving it a name, and setting intentions. Plus organising and running a three-day taster course, to start people’s exploration into their level of consciousness as a parent (boy did that deliver!) and to give them an insight into whether the main programme would be for them.

Then, 1st August, I sat down to meditate, and to tune into the programme, because something wasn’t flowing with it. We did still have a month before it started but it felt like something other than ‘people make last-minute buying decisions’.

And then the turning-point message came — ‘this isn’t for you to do’!!


And so — with that backdrop of this wisdom received by me, and all the love, time and energy we’d both invested in the programme to this point — this video picks up the story from there. Giving you a behind-the-scenes look into our respective processes when life brings guidance like this — unexpected, surprising, and (quite frankly) resisted guidance!

Watch and listen to gain insight into your own experience of living a guided life, and your process when guidance evokes resistance.

With peace, love and joy; Helen

P.S. If you like how I share, and would like more behind-the-scenes insights like this, the Wild Fig Membership Community is the place to be.

I so appreciate your ‘live’ exploration of when less comfortable feelings come up, like ‘what’s the point of all this?’ So often we don’t hear about these back of house deliberations, and it’s tempting to think everyone has it all mapped out — until they don’t. I don’t know many other coaches doing this and bringing it out in the open and sharing. It is so valuable as it almost gives us a roadmap for how we might do similar when these things come up for us. Thank you.” Wild Fig Member

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