Well this was a surprise!

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This week’s post is also an update. Taken from the newsletter, I tell you about the surprising change with The Conscious Parenting Programme and what living a life of alignment really means.

As I sat down to meditate on Monday morning I had no expectations. I was just looking forward to almost a full hour in the chair after not doing much of this in July.

After a few mind-meanderings Conscious Parenting floated into my awareness, and then, very much to my surprise, the message that this isn’t to go ahead!

Wait…whaaat?! Wow! I did not expect that! And it’s safe to say that resistance and fear rose up in the hearing of this.

I stayed with it, and the process unfolded, and I was shown what was wanted instead…and then I shared with Pip. A surprise to her too!

We’re going to tell you the whole behind-the-scenes story of this unfolding experience next week. The fears, the trusting, the alignments, the perfection. And we’ll tell you more about what’s being created instead. But for now we wanted to drop in and let you know what we know so far…

  • Trusting in doing what’s aligned for you is an all-in experience – you can’t half-trust. You can’t put conditions on it. You can’t say ‘as long as…’.
  • What’s being created instead is a Constellations offering with Pip – this is what there was a pull for. This is what I was shown.
  • It’s going to be for the ‘unguarded inclusion of all’ and therefore be for the exploration of ‘family’ in the broadest sense, available for all.

We also still love the main Conscious Parenting Programme as a thing, and stand by the transformative power of that, when it becomes the right time to do it.

We also LOVED being in the Taster Course with everyone who signed up for and came to that. As you might have seen, that had more power and impact than we ever expected!

So thank you to everyone for joining the taster, thank you to everyone who was interested in the main programme, thank you to everyone who said no to the programme, and thank you to everyone who said no to parenting as a topic. And thank you to life for guiding us more skilfully than a human mind ever could!

As the plan comes together we’ll tell you all about what’s happening through here.

Get in touch at any point with your questions, and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

With peace, love and joy

Helen and Pip

P.S. Were you quietly interested? Keep your eyes peeled for more news of what’s coming.

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