The Four Stages of Consciousness

Michael Beckwith’s Four Stages of Consciousness provide an amazing map for the territory of awakening and enlightenment. Like all maps it shows us where we are, and recognising where we are is the clarity that enables change. Where are you?

When Pip and I were meeting to talk about the creation of Conscious Parenting, and to set our intentions with it, this model appeared on my Facebook feed, and then a good friend mentioned it that very same day! I love how life sends us messages like this, because I hadn’t seen the model for years, and yet it provided the perfect framework to describe the kind of people who would be ready for The Conscious Parenting Programme. Namely those who are moving into, and already feeling alot of, the ‘Through Me’ stage.

So which stage are you at?

Have a look at the image and consider which one resonates the most for you right now.

You can read more about Michael’s model here.

And then I remembered my own version of this model. I created it way back around 2019, never having seen Michael’s version before! Cat Hase led a creative workshop for an event I used to run, and this image appeared “Through Me” as an expression of the awakening journey I’d been on till that point.
Now, the most recent iteration of my experience has been my movement into Michael’s 4th “As Me” position, which in my image would become an eye that sits behind the whole thing.

That which knows, or is aware of, all content of experience.

That which we essentially are. (But we decided that made the image look too cluttered!)

So why am I sharing all this?

Because models and representations, or maps, like this, are really useful to give us a feel for the ‘lay of the land’. We can look at the map and see ourself reflected back. And this is helpful.

As you consider where you are, remember that we are never statically in one position (look at the flash of victim I experienced in last week’s post). But our predominant experience will be in one of these four positions. So you’re considering what is broadly true for you.

And then change can happen.

Not because you need it to, or want it to, but because all change naturally occurs from honestly seeing how things actually are right now.

So whatever you see in these two different maps of the same territory is awesome. Whatever your predominant position is right now, see that.

See where you are, recognise it, and then you will naturally move towards what feels right for you next.

With peace, love and joy; Helen

P.S. Are you tipping from ‘By Me’ into ‘Through Me’, AND are you a parent? The Conscious Parenting Programme we’ve created is designed for you.

Your current experience will be oscillating from ‘I need to sort this’ into ‘this will emerge and flow’.

And what you want is to shift so that you’re grounded and embodied in ‘this will emerge and flow’, with glimpses towards the oneness of ‘As Me’.

If this feels like what you want, arrange a call with Pip or with me to learn more. We would love to welcome you in if it feels right.

If you’re already sold on wanting to live an embodied ‘Through Me tipping into As Me’ life with your kids, book your place here.

And if you know someone else who this might be valuable for, please do share this so they can benefit for their own life.

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