Constellating Stole My Heart and Then Gave It Back Shiny and Strong.

This post is courtesy of Phillipa Bray who is my partner in The Conscious Parenting Programme. The programme for parents who want to deepen the unconditional love for themselves and their families. In this post, Pip shares about her first experience of constellations (the amazing gift Pip’s bringing to this parenting programme) and how it “rattled every cell” in her body. Read on to find out more.


With huge fondness, I shared a few personal stories on our recent Conscious Parenting Taster Course.

What I didn’t share was that my very first constellation experience rattled every cell in my body and left me stumbling around like Bambi for a bit, simultaneously discombobulated and awestruck with what I had seen unfold.

Suddenly I saw my mum, dad, sister and the space in between us in a totally different way.
It broke my heart and rebuilt it back bigger, all in the space of 45 minutes.

So when Helen asked me if I would provide constellations sessions for her next programme I lept at the chance to share such a transformative practice with the unsung heroes of our society, parents.

Even before I became a Systemic Constellator I had a healthy obsession with family systems and the impact they have on how our lives play out.

It was always clear to me that how we came into this world is such a huge part of how we learn to interact with life, love, success, freedom, happiness, joy and trust. It is also a huge contributing factor to how we in turn parent.

So, conscious parenting begins with building awareness of your own journey.

Finding ways to understand, accept and even love the most challenging of our own experiences as children, adults and parents is the portal to a true expression of life and allows the same possibilities for our families too.

“Every child acts out of love. Even when disturbing, she acts out of love. You just have to find the point where love is.” Bert Hellinger, founder of Family Constellations.

If these words tug at some part of your mind, emotions, body or spirit please let us know … especially if they create suspicion, annoyance or even anger because this is so often the way the deeper parts of us make it known they are ready to start work.

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