Have You Lost Sight of Who You Are?

It’s a common experience as a parent, to lose sight of who you are. You are so focused on the needs and wellbeing of the little people in your world that you forget yourself. Read this to remember all of who you are.


As a parent, it’s easy for life to become a series of tasks and to-do’s, organisation and planning, with little time to consider — what do I want? It all feels mundane, routine, a drag.

And this is why it happens…​​​

You lose sight of yourself on two levels:

1) You lose sight of who you are as a person. You forget what you enjoy, what you like, what you would do — purely to enjoy yourself — if there was nothing else to consider. You forget to take care of yourself in your emotional experience because you’re so focused on theirs.

2) You lose sight of who you really are. That which you are before any preferences, likes or dislikes. The space of peace that you are always searching for in the world, and which is only found in your being. That which you are before any thing.

Remembering yourself at both of these levels is the return to the grounded, empowered feeling of love in life, and in your parenting.

Remembering who you really are gives you the feelings of peace, stability and clarity that you love.

Remembering who you are as a person returns you to the fullness of experience. You start to naturally role model healthy yes’s and no’s to your kids. You start to make decisions that support you AND your kids. You choose time out to refill and rebalance, absent of guilt. You experience more joy, just because.

Would you like to remember this?

With peace, love and joy; Helen

Do you want to bring yourself back into view?

Our Conscious Parenting Programme will give you self-supportive tools and DEEP realisations to transform your parenting experience.

It will remind you of the peace that you already are.
It will remind you of the love that your inner battles are asking for.
It will remind you of the joy that is revealed when these battles fall away.

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