The Power of Your Inquiry

On my journey of awakening I realised the power of my inquiry, and the response, for me. Have you seen this, for you?

There’s something I noticed… there’s noting more powerful than having your question responded to directly. There’s nothing more powerful than being asked a question directly, for you, and looking and responding, for you.

I remember being in nondual community groups, reading inquiry transcript books, watching inquiry videos and feeling like I ‘got it’. I could resonate with the person’s experience and then, as the guide or teacher responded, I would nod along in agreement. Feeling like I could totally see the truth of it all, and I would be totally agreeing with the guide or teacher.

Only to then find myself caught up in confusion and feeling the discomfort of identifying with something I am not.

And then seeing myself asking almost the very same question I’d been nodding along to the answer for just hours or days before.

Or sometimes I would follow the beginning of an inquiry or exploration, but then have a different question to the one presented in the book or video, and feel like I needed to ask that question before I could continue my thread of inquiry.

And then I noticed, this is where the greatest power is.

When I was in direct contact with a guide on a call — or even just in comments in a post — my experience was entirely different.

It was like the whole thing landed more deeply.

It was as though the question had to come from within me, and be responded to within me, with direct guidance or pointing or asking from the guide, for me.

I’ve noticed it as a guide too. The seemingly same question can be responded to quite differently. It’s like there’s an energy in the questioner which leads to a certain response in that moment for that person.

And so, to me, this is where the power is. This is where the recognition really happens. This is how we go deeper in seeing who we really are, rather than nodding along and then forgetting just moments later.

The power is in your question, and the response — for you — in that moment.

Do you want this?

With peace, love and joy; Helen

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Your question. Unique to you. Creates guidance and pointers and inquiries, uniquely and perfectly, for you.

Do you want this?

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  • Tony Callaghan
    3 June 2023 1:47 pm

    Hi Aitch
    If I’m getting what you’re saying its allowing ourselves to get quiet so that the question can arise ?
    The question and answer will invariably land if we are open to receiving it.
    Our true self masked behind the conditioning will be providing clues to fuel our self inquiry in order for us to ask or question that which might be in the way.
    I’ve always tried to remain curious and try not to attach pre-judgement.
    I recently tried Byron Katie’s The Work exercise on my ‘ Road rage ‘ attachment as to your suggestion and it was like taking an antacid for a tummy upset in that it provided a calming balance and clarified a very biased one sided thought/ belief dynamic.

    Our self inquiry & questioning of our thoughts and their ‘ validity ‘ is often another opportunity to strip away the burden of this often deluded martyrdom of suffering.

    I believe though that we should allow ourselves the forgiveness of adopting these patterns they were taken on in all innocence
    Gently 🙏

    • Helen Amery
      8 June 2023 6:15 pm

      They absolutely were taken on in all innocence because nobody did the ‘taking on’. It happens. No evidence of how. Certainly no ‘who’ responsible for it.

      And I’m delighted the Byron Katie inquiry had that impact on you! Such a powerful process.

      In terms of the purpose of the post, I love what you’ve taken from it. And so we could say its work is done. My original intention was to share my experience that the questions that arose for me, needed to be asked by me, and responded to for me by whichever coach or guide I was working with. Hearing essentially the same question asked by someone else, and answered for that person never had the same potent effect as when it was me asking, and me receiving the response. Does that make sense?


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