Do You Want to Know What Happened Next?

I’ve been sharing over recent weeks about my drop into feelings of failure, and I forgot to tell you what happened next. It’s worth reading this so that you understand the value of the full cycle of these moments of fear within yourself. And the difference when you know they’re here for your expansion.

Until…we get curious.

Curiosity is a natural by-product of being in alignment with our essential nature. So the more we settle into the knowing of this essential nature, the more curious we get.

Then what remains in the absence of the thought-wall?

The feeling of expansion — because that’s our nature, absent of believing limited ideas.

And so that’s what happened for me.

I came out the other side with renewed vitality and energy. Excitement exceeding any fears for the #100DaysOfTransmissions challenge that my friend challenged me to (and which I challenged her back with!). A joy with life. An aliveness.

Did it last?

Now, to be fair, energy then dropped again. There was a day or so of feeling low, apathetic, ‘can’t be bothered’ , what am I doing? But it was nothing like the week before, and aliveness returned spontaneously, on and off, during this time.

So if you knew…

That the next time things felt tough, it meant you were moving towards an upgrade.

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