Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment as an Amazing Doorway To Yourself

“How does Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment fit with what you talk about?”

This was the question from one of the Wild Fig Community members this week and I loved it! It’s something I considered in the past too. Here’s how the question continued…

“I could see alot of benefit in it when I first came across it — the impact of being able to talk into an open, receptive space — but now I’m starting to wonder. Because if things aren’t in people’s awareness or consciousness, how will they get to explore at a deeper level.

I can see it can take you so far but there’s so much you, and others like you, have pointed me to that I don’t think I’d have ever had on my radar if I’d not had those pointers and prompts.

So how does the listening part of it all fall in? Without this exploration you might never stumble across the deeper aspects.”

I thought it easiest to share my response in a video with you all. In it I give you some context about Nancy’s work, as well as pointing to why it works, and why it provides an amazing doorway into a deeper exploration of ourself.

What resonates for you with this?

What questions do you have?

I’d love to hear from you.

With love, Helen

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