A Love Poem to Money


Oh money, I love you

I’m sorry I pushed you away all those years

I didn’t understand you

I didn’t understand myself

I thought you were something other than me

I thought you were separate

I was ashamed of who I thought I was

I was embarrassed of who I imagined myself to be

And I projected that onto you

I blamed you for my own confusions

I rejected you

I was afraid of you

Because my inner rejections and my inner fears showed up on your face

I’m so sorry

Although I know you understand

Of course

You hold no grudges

You don’t need a sorry

You only wait for opening

For welcoming

For the remembrance that you are not other than me

That you and me, we are the same

We are the same essential nature

And we love the feeling of ourself

You too love to flow

As all things love to flow

In and out

Given and received

The breathing of life in all aspects

You too love the feeling of joy

Of delight

With what’s made possible in your presence

Now I see that this flow and joy and delight

Is myself shining back from your face

My inner rejections

Replaced by the loving truth

That you and me

We are the same

There is no other

We are love

We are loved

We are in love

Oh money, I love you.

With all my money-love, Helen

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P.P.S. It’s a Pay What You Want programme — the exploration begins here as you realise all the conditioning you have about the ‘right’ amount of money to pay!

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