I Haven’t Seen This as Deeply as You


I Haven’t Seen This as Deeply as You

It’s a common phrase in this exploration and one of those paradoxical things:

There is nothing I have, or have seen, that is different to you
AND until you see that, it will look like I have.

One of the key ‘seeings’ that helped me was the simple and obvious recognition that my essential nature is awareness. You already know this — but sometimes we need to have it pointed out so we can see it clearly.

Like when you can’t find Wally (Waldo for our American friends), even though you know he’s there. And then, once you’ve seen him, you can’t not see him!

Seeing Wally is the same as the recognition of your essential nature and it’s the shift to living in favour of yourself, rather than living in favour of the mind.

Until then, the mind’s narratives will continue to look more compelling and will continue to cloud the good feelings of who you really are.

If you want to hear more about this, Rupert Spira and Bernardo Kastrup walk through the logic of how [awareness / consciousness / knowing / your essential nature] is primary to all experience in this episode of their two-part conversation.

“When you wear orange-tinted glasses for long enough
you forget you’ve got the glasses on”
Rupert Spira

(at 14 mins 30 of the episode)

And why would you care about recognising your essential nature?
Because it is the reliable peace, happiness and fulfilment you’re searching for in the world, and you won’t find it out there.

What have you seen about this?

With love, Helen

P.S. Want to explore this more? Join us on Friday 15th July for this month’s call focused on the two conversations Rupert and Bernardo had with Simon Mundie. Be on the call by becoming a member here.

All the call info is in here but get in touch with any questions I’ve not answered.

This is the Part Two conversation to go with Part One linked in the post above.

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