How do the Three Principles Differ From Nonduality?

Here’s a short video to share the key difference that I see is at the heart The Three Principles vs nonduality. What’s your perspective?

Having not engaged deeply with the Three Principles since 2019, this year’s conference was a great opportunity to hear people speak about them fresh, and to see what felt aligned with and what differed from my last few years in a nondual exploration.

This video shares the one key difference that I see is at the heart of it — and yet even this isn’t entirely true as I heard some of the Three Principles conference speakers pointing to, hinting at and directly saying this!

Whatever our exploration route, the difference only comes in our life when we really HEAR and SEE the truth of what I share in this video.

Watch and tell me what you agree and disagree with.

Much love, Helen

P.S. The longer video I mention is available here when you join as a member in my community — dedicated to awakening and enlightenment.

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